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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fighting the "Battle of the Bulge" should "ONLY" be a Family Affair

Recently came across this article and would like to share a few thoughts.
"Children taken from parents for being fat: Outrage as social workers break up 'loving' family  "

This is an issue that truly concerns me. No not that being over weight may be a health concern, but more how the situation is being handled "in the name of abuse".

For the life of me I really can't understand how the "experts" feel that removing the children, cutting all ties with the family by placing them in Foster Care and/or Adopting them will solve the problem of being overweight??

Does Our Government and/or the proposed adoptive parents have the answers to how to slim down those who may be over weight??? If so, please share to ALL the World so we can solve the battle of the bulge. (Group, last sentence being very sarcastic, since I know losing weight has many mental and physical challenges involved.)

In this article, it was noted that the family had been in a 3 year battle with the agency. Below, I have take one paragraph from the article. I did this since actually I feel it was very offensive of the program that the agency offered... I mean come on  a>>  `Big Brother' house program???

The move follows a failed attempt to solve the children's weight problem by putting the family in a `Big Brother' house, having a social worker present to monitor all meal times, and imposing a curfew and strict rules about their lifestyle.
Read more "Children taken from parents for being fat: Outrage as social workers break up 'loving' family http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2033718/Children-taken-parents-fat-Outrage-social-workers-break-loving-family.html#ixzz1X5ALXqcV 
I can only say that each and everyone of us needs to make an effort to "Draw the Line" as to what is considered abuse in our families... It has gone to far, and actually over too many years now I have found that the Only Bad Child, has been those who are in the agency themselves.

May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
Granpa Chuck
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