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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Truly fight abuse for Families and DO NOT support CAPTA by signing this Petition

The Petition

Emily, Care2 Action Alerts wrote:
Care2 subscriber since Apr 9, 2007

Hi Subscriber,

Each year, almost 1 million American children experience abuse and neglect. Approximately 1400 of those children are killed each year from abuse, most of whom are under the age of one.

And while millions of dollars are spent on police, lawyers, medical care and more for abuse cases, we still do not have adequate funding for the prevention of child abuse.

Sign the petition today to tell Congress to support increased funding for the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA).

CAPTA was passed in 1974 because of increasing public awareness of the need to ensure the safety and welfare of children. CAPTA provides federal money to state and local communities like yours for programs and services to prevent abuse, protect children and strengthen families.

Please help ensure that child abuse services do not get cut as well. Sign the petition today!
Thank you for helping protect children.
Sincerely, Emily
Care2 and The Petition Site Team

We need to prevent child abuse, not just provide help when it happens to a girl in polka dots Take Action! All forms of abuse can have a lifelong psychological and physical impact on a child. We can help by funding prevention programs now! Forward to a friend
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The Real Story

Emily my friend boy are you barking up the wrong tree with this cry for help. You are talking to someone who deals with the aftermath of these CPS workers, a direct result the original CAPTA Funding you are speaking of, resulting in the creation of Child Protective Services in 1974. These are the same people who FALSELY accuse parents of CHILD abuse on a daily basis. They are literally destroying millions of American families each year under the disguise of Child Protective Services.

Some of the cases I have seen come across my desk in the last few YEARS are JUST IN CASE YOU WERE NOT AWARE OF THESE THINGS BEING CHILD ABUSE;

  1. feeding her five children McDonald's three times in one week,
  2. A baby falling asleep in his high chair.
  3. A foster mother cutting a ethnic child's hair without the social workers permission.
  4. Tossing a tippy cup to a child and accidentally hitting the child with it.
  5. telling a 14 year old girl she could not meet her 19 year old boy friend at 11pm on a school night.
  6. sending a 13 yr. old teen to her room and forbidding her to use the telephone for cussing out her parent.
  1. 7.A parent forbidding a teenager to go to a dance for violating her curfew the night before.

Did you know that all these things are now child abuse?

Reason for a parent to loose their children to Child Protective Services, you may even be next. Do you have children Emily? CPS may come to your door and simply take your children away for one of the above offenses. I can assure you, Emily of the following facts.

It is no longer about Child Abuse~~ it is now about CPS's new agenda, it is about the latest commodity in America, her future, her children are now a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR money making commodity to CPS.

It is no longer about the best interests of the children~~~it is about the dollars to be made off of them. I hate to burst your bubble. I challenge you to learn more about this entity before you promote their EVIL agenda.

I would be happy to be your instructor free of charge.

Marilyn Harrison
Foster Parents Legal Solutions
1-877-FPA-CHILD Office 928-427-0088

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Restore Family Rights~~Sign Our Petition

(Learn More) at our Foster Parent Reform Site.
The experiment of Child Protective Services with regard to getting away with the unlawful violation of personal rights as guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America, must end. Foster Parents falsely accused of child abuse want their due process under the law. Currently, Foster Parents who are accused of child abuse are treated as though they are already guilty, with no proof of guilt provided by the accuser, namely Child Protection Services. Even if proof of innocence is provided to CPS, those accused of child abuse are still persecuted with no due process of law with serious consequences that result in ruined lives. Thanks & Please Pass it On.

Target: Attorney General; Legislators for Foster Care Reform
Sponsored by: Foster Care Reform

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Families Raise Families Not Laws

Disgusted with the System

Very Important Message for ALL Georgia Families

There is an extremely brave woman, being Senator Nancy Schaefer from the great State of Georgia, that has taken the initiative to introduce legislation into the State of Georgia to curb the abuses of the Child Custody DCF employees and adoption process for money remembering this is happening in every State, county, city and town in America. The judges are not independent but are all bound for performance for money. This is travesty of the greatest level as parents go into the court rooms thinking that the truth is relevant, but all of the time every party in the courtroom have contracts to perform for money called "cooperative agreements" included the judges, state AG, DCF, Guardian Ad Litems, etc. - it rigged from the beginning to the end.
This is the first Senator that I know of that has really stepped out to curb these sexual and physical abuses that are inflicted upon Children, and not to mention the quota system that is used for MONEY with penalties (YMCA up to 10% of a 125 Million/year Contract - Florida) for not meeting these quotas. I have attached an excerpt from the Florida in support of this as an Offer of Proof directly from the YMCA Contract that hides behind the "program" of Safe Children Coalition.

Learn More: See Attachments OR Become an Active Participant

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Booklet~~Information for All Foster Parents and Families

Review New Booklet
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Standing in the
Shadow of LAW!
What Foster Parents Need to Know About
The “Shadow of Law”
Marilyn Harrison
Foster Parents Legal Solutions

Foster Parents are Wonderful People

Are you like the rest of most foster parents? Foster parents dedicate themselves and
their lives to helping children desperately in need. Foster parents are wonderful people
with big hearts. Foster parents are immensely-giving and caring people who hold and
live by exceptionally high values. As such, most foster parents feel that:

1. There could never be an allegation against themselves -- let alone a false one, and

2. If something did come up with an accusation of child abuse, it could be straightened out with the simple truth and its proof.

The Dangerous Truth
What Really Happens to 99.9 % of All Foster Parents
There is the Dangerous Truth of foster parenting that needs to be known –
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