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Friday, August 27, 2010

Who is to Blame for the Economic Situation-WE ALL ARE

I know by the mere title of this post many are going to say this is NOT true. Not to mention many will say it is the stupid Government that got us in this situation... But, for a moment, open your mind, and consider a few points. By the way, today, one has to really listen to the few truths on the news media and not be blinded by the False, Half/Truths that we are bombarded with daily. These are indeed tough economic times and I know we are all Fearful and Angry.. But .....
"Fear and Anger Clouds Judgment."

However, for those who have lived "within their means" and also those who have been "creative" in making it through these Years, thanks for doing this. And yes I do know this hasn't been easy...And more than likely, there is no need to read the rest of this post, since you indeed know what a sacrifice it takes.

Although I am not an economist, here is one basic principle I learned in my Basic Economics class. A healthy economy is base on:
"Supply and Demand"
So then he asks, has our economy been based on "Supply and Demand"? Just the other day I happened to hear a minute blip on the news that the Cost of Living was at 120%. That figure is today, right now. But if one truly believes in supply and demand it should be no greater that 100%?? Then I heard another minute blip. Germany is actually recovering, economically, at a noteworthy rate. One may ask, how can this be?? As noted in this news item, the families primarily Did Not spend more money than they made; actually saved some for that "Rainy Day"; and kept their industries, they  where noted for in their country... And even the companies kept on employees, many at reduced time, to get through the economic hardships.

So back to Our Great Country and truthfully ask yourself "Did We as individuals do some of the things the German Families did? Did our Big Business make every effort to keep Industry in our Nation? If you answer Yes to this, then you are in Denial or have been influenced by the...
"Propaganda of Big Business"
What in heavens is the "Propaganda of Big Business'. Simply put, we as an individual and family, over many, many years have been subtly convinced that "Success in Life = How Much Stuff we have" . If I am wrong you can slap me silly. But think back in time for a moment. How did you feel if you didn't have that New Home or New Car. Better yet, how did you feel if you didn't get a raise? Oh yeah, you needed a raise so you could afford that New Home and New Car. But then, banks came to our rescue and offered .....
"The Famous Plastic Credit Card"
Thank heaven we said, we can use this card to get all this great stuff... And thank heaven, at least, with the "Introductory Offer" for a limited time, we don't even have to pay interest!!! So now I can even get More Stuff. And I know I can keep these new charges in my budget since the minimum payment is so reasonable. But unfortunately, so many forgot that the minimum payment would take them past the "Introductory" period. Then the reality set in, we were faced with paying interest. Not only that, we forgot to read the "Fine Print" and this interest was variable.

Here is an actual experience I would like to throw in. I recently paid of one of my credit cards, not to mention, I have Always paid more than the minimum. So I wrote a letter to this particular credit card company, expressing what I have been doing. In addition I said, I am not interested in the bonus programs you have, all I am requesting is that, and based on my faithfulness of being a smart consumer, to lower my interest rate on this card. Their response>> They "Closed" my account. Hey, I did not ask them to do this. And now to add insult to injury, I keep getting "Junk Mail" stating I can get a credit card with a 0% introductory rate and I can even transfer some of my other balances over to this new card. I did transfer part of my card balances previously, and it was unbelievable the "Hidden Charges" that came with this.

So I guess what I am saying, bottom line, Credit Card Companies are Not consumer friendly, all they have every wanted is to make sure they maintain a "Profit Margin" on continuously finding New and Unsuspecting costumers who don't read the fine print.

BTW, how many of you are aware of the New Credit Card Reform???? I bet many of you don't realize there was even one. The Reform wasn't a 100% in getting all that was needed to Protect the Consumer, but it was indeed a Positive Reform.

Here is another example of how, as a Nation, did not follow the basic rule of "Supply and Demand". Remember the dream for an individual/family to get that New Home to be Successful??? Logically, the most prudent financial decision is to get a Home Loan at the Lowest Fixed Rate. Why do I say this? By getting a Fixed Rate, at least one knows this expense will not change over time.. And through our creativity to maintain our budget, we can stabilize this particular expense.
But through the creativity of Big Business, they came up with the wonderful solution of getting many into homes with a Low Rate Variable Interest Rate and the initial Lowest of the low the...
"Interest ONLY Mortgage Loan"
Yeah, the unsuspecting, new home owner says, I can handle this "Introductory" amount.. And when the time comes, more than likely I will either get my raise or have a new job that pays more. And of course, the Broker assures them that this will more than likely be true for the New Home Buyer.
And as one of my "Life Experiences", I too was caught up looking for a Larger Home. I used the internet to put out the word that I was looking for a affordable loan to purchase another home. I was approached by a Broker who did his sales pitch on how I could afford to get into a home with an Introductory "Interest Only Loan" The figures looked Great. But then, me being a curious sort, to know "ALL" the story, I asked him to give me figures on what the payments would look like after the 3 years were up on the Interest ONLY Mortgage Loan. Once I saw these figures, I said whoa, this is NOT going to work. I immediately told him NO. And wouldn't you know it, he tried to make me feel bad, since I didn't accept his loan proposal. Again, bottom line, I am, as everyone is, the Consumer, and WE and WE alone make the payments.

These are just a few examples. But I urge everyone to think about these and look for others. Today there is a battle between..
"Our Families and Big Business"
I ask everyone to consider the fact>> Are we going to continue to be Slaves to Big Business??? Or are we going to Truly Protect Our Families?? We are the Consumer and we Pay for everything. Yes these are severe Economic Times. But one must remember, it took years to get to where we are Today. How long it is going to take to turn things around and become a Nation of "Supply and Demand", I certainly don't know.

But unfortunately as long as
"More Money = Greed"
things in favor of our Families will not change. Need I remind everyone of "Enron" or the Inflated prices of our Homes. Both of which are examples of Big Business and/or the Stock Market taking advantage of the Dreams of Millions???

But I do know we, as an individual, family, etc have to be Creative and Strengthen Our Families in these times. I beg that we take a stand and quit blaming others. Simply put...
"We are Advocates for Ourselves and with this Comes Responsibility"
In conclusion, here is a statement created by a very active Advocate in the State of Washington. One may think it is not related our current National Situation, but I encourage one to read and hopefully believe it and make it part of your daily beliefs. And remember
"Families are the Most Important Resource we have in Our Nation"

So Please consider this statement:
“We are joining forces with all persons affected by Parens Patriae to include parents, extended family, foster parents and father's and mother's rights groups. While this is a difficult endeavor due to various divisions, the focus will be on challenging the system with the unified goals and commonalities that each is suffering under in family courts and through CPS.”
(See Definition: Parens Patriae)
May you find strength in your Higher Power,  
GranPa Chuck
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CA Health Reform-A Challenge for Other States

Contrary to what one may think and/or those who are mislead by the Tricks Posed by Big Business, the Federal Health Care Reform Bill was a significant start for Equitable and Fair Health Insurance.

OR do I need to remind everyone that the first Quarter of 2010 it was reported that 1)Health Insurance Companies had there HIGHEST Income; 2)At the same time supplied the LOWEST amount of Services.

The Health Care Reform Bill is yes 2700 pages, and even then, it was admitted not all concerns had been addressed. Compare those who want to disband this Reform Bill, and unfortunately, to date I have seen only a 17 page outline. Not to mention there were two pages of what was wrong with the current Health Care Reform.

These are indeed "Hard Economic Times", but we, as individuals must make a decision, Choose one 1)Policies for us Common Folk OR 2)Policies for Big Business???

So here is Today's Email in CA:


Dear Charles Ferrari,


Thank you for your continued calls and support! So far we've generated more than 4,000 calls all across the State to the legislature this week alone!

And they're definitely paying off!

Yesterday, the Senate passed key state implementation bills establishing the California health insurance exchange -- AB1602 (Perez) and SB900 (Alquist/Steinberg) - making us the FIRST STATE IN THE NATION to take this central step of implementing the new federal health reform law! Several other bills passed as well, and many more are expected to go to a floor vote later this week. To get up-to-date info on all the State implementation and consumer protection bills in the State legislature, visit the website of our lead state partner, Health Access California.

Now it's time to turn our attention to the State Assembly - where two more important consumer protection bills are currently awaiting a vote!

These include SB 1163 (Leno) and SB 890 (Alquist/Steinberg). These two bills will keep the private insurance industry honest by opening up the process to transparency and hold insurance companies more accountable to the public!

Click here to call YOUR State Assemblymember and urge him/her to VOTE YES on SB 1163 and SB 890 to make the insurance industry accountable to consumers!

Both of these bills would bring about dramatic improvements in preventing insurance industry abuse by requiring insurers to be more honest, open and up-front with consumers.

SB 1163 would require insurers to disclose information about how they determine rates and requires their rate filings to be actuarially sound! This legislation would also require insurance companies to notify consumers (in writing) at least 180 days prior to any rate increase or benefit change. Insurance companies would also have to disclose their reasons for any rate changes.

SB 890 would simplify the process of purchasing health coverage by categorizing insurance plans and products based on their actuarial value - allowing consumers to compare the degree of risk they take on with various plan options. This gives consumers much needed information about how much money they may end up spending out of pocket.

Even more, this bill would help prevent instances where individuals believed they were covered by insurance, but later ended up incurring medical debt or worse, losing their savings or their homes as a result of health care costs. It would also require health insurance plans to cover maternity coverage as a standard benefit, and eliminate caps on coverage that otherwise cause individuals with serious illnesses to incur overwhelming medical debt.

Click here to call YOUR State Assemblymember and urge him/her to VOTE YES on SB 1163 and SB 890 to help protect consumers & keep the insurance industry honest!

But we don't have a lot of time! The insurance industry is going to extreme lengths to defeat these critical consumer protection bills!

Please hurry and pick up the phone today! Call your State Assemblymember NOW and ask him/her to support these critical consumer protection bills!

After you call your State Assemblymember, let us know how it went. Your feedback will help us know where our elected officials stand on these extremely important issues!

Click here to send a call-back report to HCAN-California!

Passing these State implementation and consumer protection bills is imperative for ensuring that Californians get the most out of the new federal health law. We appreciate your dedication and support as we continue to work to implement and improve the new law to ensure California gets the best health care possible!

To your health,

Health Care for America Now - California!
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Know Thy Enemy!!!

As a monthly post I am including the following information. For those, who want to learn more about their state relating to there concern, this may be valuable information. This also goes to Advocates, who are seeking Reform.

So many times, I have stated one needs to know ALL the story. Not to mention, and with a high degree of certainty, those who work for the Agency, really don't know all the Statutes, Policies, and Procedures , etc, that they are bound to. One basic reason, most of the manuals are too Thick.

Plus, check out our Affiliation & Educational Publications>> http://www.nfpcar.org/FPA/emails/Current.htm
So, feel free to pass on to others>>
Child Welfare Information Gateway Child Welfare Information Gateway

Child Welfare Information Gateway E-lert! August 2010

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  • Caseload and Workload Management discusses the problems of large caseloads and workloads for child welfare workers. It also examines the benefits of caseload and workload management and provides specific strategies for achieving them.
  • Family Engagement describes the value of family engagement in the child welfare system. Read about new ways to achieve meaningful family engagement, specific strategies that reflect family engagement, and examples of State and local child welfare programs that engage families successfully.
Children's Bureau Brochure
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Concurrent Planning for Permanency for Children: Summary of State Laws
Learn about State laws that permit an agency to plan for another permanent placement for a child at the same time it works to reunify the child with his or her family of origin.
Cross-Reporting Among Responders to Child Abuse and Neglect: Summary of State Laws
Get an overview of State requirements for child protective and law enforcement agencies to share information and work cooperatively in responding to reports.

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Thank Your Insurance Commissioner

I am again pleading that Congress, Senate etc. work together for Our Families. Here is yet another email on what has been done to hopefully make the industry competitive.
The Answers are Complex.
 Email from: Health Care for America Now
Last week we asked you to join us in the fight against the health insurance industry's army of lobbyists.1  In response Health Care for America Now's activists sent over 100,000 faxes to insurance companies demanding they stop trying to undermine reform and prevent it from fulfilling its promise.

This week, as a result of the work and commitment of activists like you, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) took another step forward in its recommendations on medical loss ratios (MLR)2 - the provision in the new law that ensures our premium dollars are spent on health care instead of outrageous executive pay, elaborate systems to deny our care and bloated administrative costs.

Click here and call your state's Insurance Commissioner and thank them for standing up for consumers.

Advocates have battled every step of the way to hold the insurance companies accountable, and we will continue to do so. But this promises to be a hard-fought struggle. Billions of dollars are at stake. The health insurance industry continues to interfere with the implementation of the new health reform law. We will continue to urge the NAIC to stay focused on ensuring that their final product and subsequent federal rules are not weakened by the health insurance industry, which has spent more than $769 million on federal lobbying since 2007, and untold millions more to lobby state officials.3

Call your state's Insurance Commissioner and thank them for standing up to the Insurance Companies' army of lobbyists and to continue their support for strong regulations that hold the insurance companies' accountable.

The NAIC's decision on MLR moves us closer to more affordable health care for families and businesses and will help achieve health security for all. We encourage the NAIC to wrap up its deliberations soon so the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) can swiftly develop final rules that take effect on schedule for 2011 health plans.

In Solidarity,

Melinda Gibson
Health Care for America Now

Health Care Reform - Need One Say More?

Check out the Counter Think Cartoon>> http://www.naturalnews.com/029512_Congress_Washington.html
May you find strength in your Higher Power,  
GranPa Chuck
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Unite as One OR Go in the Same Direction????

This is a repost. Primarily since I feel there is a ripple in the waters of some "Group Organizers", who have forgotten the "True Leaders" for our Families. So many times, we have shared the statement "You need to become and Advocate for Yourself to Protect your Family." Basically, this means that those, who have the answers are those closest to the children. So, with this in mind, again, please consider these thoughts. Plus remember these 3 words >>> Sharing, Caring, and Guidance

As I am sure many are aware, who cruise the web, there are thousands of sites that either talk about the "Injustices" of a Broken system and/or "Give Advice" on what to do if Accused as a Parent and/or Care Giver for Our Children. However, one must remember that most sites are merely a starting point and unfortunately, many times,  the advice given is "Wrong" for your particular concern. 

This is based on the fact that each and every concern is particular to Your Concerns; and each state and, many times, counties vary in their interpretations of the Statutes, Policies, etc, they are bound to follow.

But I pose a basic decision as to the importance of what direction should the movement for Reform for Our Families follow:
  • Unite as One Group?
  • Go in the Same Direction?
Unite as one Group: This would indeed be a Powerful Organization, do to the sheer numbers of Representation. A few, as Leaders, have organized their website in this fashion.. ie Reps by Nation, States, and even Counties. A particular site, which I am not going to mention, started out as a very valuable site. However, the Leader, and unfortunately, took a stand the "He Had the Answers".. And in no uncertain terms, proclaimed himself as an "Expert".

End result, What started out as a Great Idea, ended up as a Disaster. Many were mislead, not to mention, lost money, by believing, he had the answer to their concerns. Please be aware, Do Not Take Advice, Give your Hard Earned Money from those who make you believe it is an Easy Road to Defend Yourself against the Agency (Known by some as Goliath). With all the biases, corruption, etc. that exists in Our Agencies, it is not an easy task to defend yourself.

Another factor to consider, is that the Larger a Group, many times, the sheer size, gives a diminishing return on the effectiveness of the group. Compare our Massive Bureaucracy.
Bottom line, each Family Concern is "Unique" and should be handled as such.

Go in the Same Direction:
What do I mean by this?? Basically, no matter how many web sites, or organizations there are, each must recognize who the true enemy is and what our Importance as a Family is in our nation. Simply put, our enemy is any one and/or any group who is contradictory to the Principles of Raising a Strong Family. As far as the Importance of Our Families, simply put, "Families are the Most Important Resource We Have in Our Nation" For, after all, who are the one's who share their hard earned money to purchase an item or service. Easy answer, it is the individual in a Family, who brings home the Bacon. Or generically stated, "The Consumer"

These are just some very Basic Thoughts for everyone's consideration. I know, if you start thinking about the basics presented, you will soon discover many, many more.

So again, I leave you with this thought, created by a very active Advocate in the State of WA:
“We are joining forces with all persons affected by Parens Patriae to include parents, extended family, foster parents and father's and mother's rights groups. While this is a difficult endeavor due to various divisions, the focus will be on challenging the system with the unified goals and commonalities that each is suffering under in family courts and through CPS.”
(See Definition: Parens Patriae)

Learn More about Our Affiliation and Educational Aides>> http://www.nfpcar.org/FPA/emails/Current.htm
May you find strength in your Higher Power,  
GranPa Chuck
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FYI: The New Health Care Law: Things You Need to Know-Webinar Aug 25.

Please pass this on to others. As I have stated many times, the proper need for Health Care Reform, never should have been a Political Issue, Just the right thing to do.

How soon so many have forgot when asked "What would you do??" And one must remember, with so many issues, most of the time, when something is suggested, there are those who are going to say it is wrong... OR simply put, "Why is it so easy to say what is Wrong, than do what is Right??? A human nature basic... But to do what is Right, one must think and learn as much as they can about an issue.... Just a few thoughts, so please pass this on to others, as I am doing.

May you find strength in your Higher Power, GranPa Chuck
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The New Health Care Law: Things You Need to Know

There is still time to sign up for this special webinar!
Wednesday, August 25, 7-8 PM Eastern Time

6 6 6
13 Sign Up 13
7 7 7
Wondering how the new health care law will affect you?

Join us on August 25 for a free webinar about the changes and improvements in the law. You'll learn what it means for:

  • People with health insurance
  • People who are uninsured or buy their own coverage
  • Small business owners
  • People with Medicare
  • People planning for their long-term care
Don't miss this opportunity to learn what the law means for you and ask questions of AARP experts. Reserve your spot today!
Questions? E-mail newhealthcarelaw@aarp.org.
Go7-8 PM Eastern Time
Register Now

New to webinars? All you need is a computer with Internet access and audio capability.
After you register, you'll get full instructions on how to join the web event.

Speak out and share your story! on Health Care Reform

Again, this is an email from CA. However, I am sure all the other states have many, if not most of the same concerns. Myself and many other believe
"Families are the Most Important Resource We have in Our Nation"

In addition, here is a webpage that may also be of interest to our families>> http://nfpcar.org/FPA/emails/Current.htm

Earlier this week, we sent you an e-mail action alert notifying you that the critical State implementation and consumer protection bills could go to a floor vote within the next 10-14 days!

And to help mobilize support for these bills, we want to hear your health insurance horror story in order to show elected officials why we need to support bills that would not only make health care more accessible and affordable here in California - but also greatly improve regulations of the private insurance industry!

We've all had bad experiences with the private insurance industry at one point or another. But if you've ever:

  • Purchased "junk" insurance, or realized your insurance plan didn't cover the things you needed;
  • Paid high out-of-pocket costs;
  • Were hit with high rate increases;
  • Were hit with high out-of-network charges;
  • Had your child denied care due to "pre-existing conditions"
Then we want to hear from you!

Share your health insurance horror story today!

After you've shared your story, please encourage your friends, family members and colleagues to speak out as well!

To your health,

Patrick Romano,

California Campaign Director
Health Care for America Now - California!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CA Health Reform Efforts, What is Happening in Your State

Although this is for California, I am sure such movements are happening in other states.

As it has been stated about the Health Reform Bill, it is just a start. And one needs to remember from the start, it was asked to ALL "What Would You Do??". This should NEVER have been a Political Issue. Instead, it should have been ALL working together to get true Health Care Reform.

Oh yeah, the Republicans did come up with an Outline, but unfortunately, most of it was what was wrong with the Reform Bill.

I am sorry, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I am having a hard time, on even voting for a Representative for "We The People" I would so much like to start a petition encouraging everyone to go to the polls and sign in, but NOT check off one of those boxes.

Well anyway, maybe this will stimulate some thinking, and possible you can pass it on to our legislators and/or support bills that make sense for "Our Families"


Important State implementation and consumer protection bills here in California are expected to go to a floor vote in the next 10-14 days! These critical pieces of legislation would not only dramatically improve health care here in California and go a long way towards implementing the new federal health law- but would also help protect consumers against insurance industry abuses!

Call your state legislators today and urge them to support these critical bills to help make California's health care system stronger, more accessible and more affordable!

Those of particular concern in the State Assembly:

  • AB2244 (Feuer): Progressively limits how much private insurers can charge families with children under 19 with so-called "pre-existing conditions" between now and 2014 - when Federal provisions prohibiting all premium differences kick-in.
  • AB2578 (Jones): Requires approval from the Department of Managed Health Care OR Department of Insurance whenever private insurance companies attempt to increase the amount of premiums, co-payments, coinsurance, deductibles or other charges under a health plan.
  • AB1602 (Perez): Creates the California Cooperative Health Insurance Purchasing Exchange (Cal-CHIPE) and implements a variety of other important provisions of the national health care reform law - including extensions allowing children to be covered by their parents' plans until age 26.

Those of particular concern in the State Senate:

  • SB890 (Alquist & Steinberg): Makes purchasing health plans on the individual market easier by implementing many of the consumer protections in the Federal health care reform law early and includes a strong medical loss ratio so more premium dollars are going to patient care (instead of profits!).
  • SB900 (Alquist & Steinberg): Establishes the California Health Insurance Exchange and creates the California Health Insurance Exchange Fund and enables the Exchange to use its bargaining power to negotiate better prices and values for consumers in the exchange.
  • SB1163 (Leno): Rate Reviews - Would require health plans to provide, in writing, specific reasons for denial of coverage or for charging higher than the standard rates for coverage.

The State legislature could vote on these bills within the next week - and we know the insurance industry is using every means at its disposal to prevent these bills from passing because they know it will mean an end to 'business as usual!' We know that the opposition is trying to influence the vote - that's why we need your help to counter them, and let your elected officials know that we're counting on them to VOTE YES on these bills!

Call your state legislators today and urge them to support these critical bills to help make California's health care system stronger, more accessible and more affordable!

We remember how the insurance industry spent millions of our premium dollars to oppose national health care reform. Now they're doing it again to disrupt implementation here at the state level! As we speak, the insurance industry and its high-priced lobbyists are doing everything in their power to prevent the passing of these important state implementation and consumer protection bills!

Please call your legislators in the Assembly and State Senate TODAY and urge them to stand up for a health care reform and vote YES on these important state implementation bills!

We have less than 2 weeks to make sure our legislators in Sacramento know that we're counting on them to vote "YES" on ALL of these bills to make high-quality, affordable health care a reality for our seniors, our children, our working families and our small businesses!

To your health,

Health Care for America Now - California!Become a fan on Facebook

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May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
GranPa Chuck
Link to Our Affiliation>> http://nfpcar.org/FPA/emails/Current.htm

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Are WE Ready to Rumble?? for the US Constitution Parental Rights Amendment

Before your read this most recent article by parentalrights.org, just a few days ago I heard an interesting statistic. Basically since the inception of Our National Constitution, there have been over 11,000+ proposals made to the Constitution, and to date only 27(?) have been enacted. It has been over 2 years since this amendment was proposed to the Legislation.
Actually, if you read this article>>Child Protective History - from Romans to Now You will notice that parents actually never had control of their family since the Roman Times, if not earlier.
May you find strength in your Higher Power,
GranPa Chuck

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Parental Rights.org Article

Dear Friend of Parental Rights,

Government intrusion has gotten bolder in recent years. You may recall that a father in Tennessee last year took his 13-year-old son to the doctor, and granted permission for the doctor to test his son for drug use. Yet, when the tests came back, the doctor refused to give the father the results, insisting he must have the son's permission to disclose that information. He cited federal HIPPA regulations as his reason for ignoring the parent's rights.

And the intrusion is likely to get worse. Several articles and a brand new book written by 20 American law professors urge the banning of all private and home schools in the U.S. in order to protect children from religious indoctrination by their parents. "Perhaps the more appropriate suggestion for our current educational dilemma is that public education should be mandatory and universal...." (Martha Albertson Fineman, What Is Right for Children?, page 237) "If the core principle in a parent's belief system is that there is only one immutable truth...many educational topics will be off limits. Such 'private truths' have no place in the public arena, including the public schools." (Catherine J. Ross, "Fundamentalist Challenges to Core Democratic Values: Exit and Homeschooling", page 8)

But we are not without hope. In fact, we are encouraged that we can halt this invasion of our families.

Over the last two years, we have gained 140 cosponsors of the Parental Rights Amendment in the U.S. House of Representatives, and 7 in the U.S. Senate, plus 31 senators opposing the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child through S.R. 519. We have made this tremendous progress with a relatively small list of petition signers for two reasons: first, we have some amazing allied organizations partnering with us to get this done. Second, you didn't just sign a petition and leave it alone. You signed up to call or write your lawmakers, and you have remained faithful to take action when my staff and I have asked it of you.

Together, we have done an amazing amount for such a small organization, but there is still a lot we need to do. We will have to ramp up our efforts if we are to succeed.

The Plan

My staff and I are ready to lead a charge on Washington in the next few months to push the Parental Rights Amendment past its first hurdle: we intend to pass the Parental Rights Amendment in the U.S. House early in the next session of Congress! We believe that a door will open when there is a change in the leadership of the House.

First, we want to secure a majority of the House (218 congressmen) as cosponsors of the Amendment. Then, we urge the leadership of the House to schedule the PRA for a vote (we need 290 "yes" votes).

At that point in time, we will need the biggest possible team of citizens urging their elected representatives to vote Yes to protect parental rights. The voice of American voters at that stage will be at its most critical. We will need all friends of parental rights in this nation to call Congress and to urge others to do so, too. If our people will speak up, the politics are clear: We will win.

Once the House passes the Amendment, we will be able to focus all our resources and efforts on the Senate. However, we will need a much larger grassroots army to see success.

Let me be frank about this. There is a natural tendency of people to say, "I will get involved when it matters." They erroneously believe that the only time it matters is when the final vote is being taken.

This is simply not true.

It is because we have had a good start in public participation that we have 140 co-sponsors in the House. If we double our public participation, we will probably get to about 180 co-sponsors. If we triple our public participation, we can reach the 218 co-sponsors we need.

If we don't get to 218 co-sponsors, the House leadership--even if it changes--will not want to schedule a final vote on the floor.

We have to build a foundation before we can build the walls.

This kind of effort requires people who are foresighted and are willing to work hard in the early stages of the process. You have been that kind of person, and I am asking you to take the time in the next few days to help us recruit people who can help us move this process to the next level.

I believe we need to double our support base by Election Day just to be ready for this coming drive in the House.

We want to give you good tools to help you recruit your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives.

We are going to begin sending you emails (usually once a week) that you can pass on to others, beginning with an email tomorrow. Please be ready to open that and pass it on. (And if you contact us to take action as outlined below, we'll give you immediate access to that first email -- today!)

Here is what else you can do to help:

Action Items

1. Forward ParentalRights.org emails to your friends all over the country and re-post them to your Facebook, Twitter, or other account. (To do this, click "View this email online" at the bottom of the email, then click the "Share" button on the online version.)

2. Volunteer to reach 80 more petition signers in your congressional district, or to enlist 5 others who can each reach 80. To sign up or for more details, contact Jonathan at 540-751-1240 or jonathan@parentalrights.org.

3. Sign up for an online seminar that will better equip you to share the Parental Rights Amendment with your friends and neighbors. To sign up or for more details, call Jason at 540-751-1241, or email jason@parentalrights.org.

The Supreme Court is changing. It is very likely to completely reverse the traditional doctrine of parental rights sometime in the next decade. We have just added a new advocate for international law to the membership of the Court. We have to act before it is too late.

Together, we can see that the next Congress will adopt the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and propose it to the states for ratification. If we work and God blesses, this will happen. Will you help us get the job done?

Michael Farris, J.D.

Demand the Gov't to Keep Their Hands OFF Social Security

To all of us Common People.
So many have forgotten the True Intent of Social Security. In the ''Beginning", it was supposed to be a Supplement to Our Personal Retirement Fund. Hey, I worked for the Federal Government for Most of my life, and don't even collect Social Security.

But like, Un-Employment Insurance, we, as citizens, added some each pay period, with the hopes, we would have it there when we retired. It is Not a Hand Out, but it was one of our savings for a Rainy Day. Heard an interesting statement: "I purchased Home Insurance so I could Burn My House Down!!!"

But, then through the years, Our Government, just couldn't stand to see all this money, just sitting there.... And before, we as private citizens realized it, this egg nest for us, was used for so many for so long.

Now, all of a sudden, with egg on face, so many are making excuses, to cover up years of pilfering the account... Raising the Age to retirement, cutting benefits, etc. So I too urge everyone to sign this and/or contact Jane to get hard copies of signatures.

Don't be fulled by the many stories.. We, as individual consumers, are the real leaders. Goodness me, if we can't afford to buy something and/or the price of purchase stays the same, how on earth can business continue???
May you find strength in your Higher Power, GranPa Chuck
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Read Jane's Comments~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Please sign this petition and forward to everyone you know. I know many online petitions are getting sent around, but this one needs some action, will get notarized and brought into Federal court with enough signatures. If anyone can volunteer and get hardcopy signatures, let me know. (email: jane@abusefreedom.com

This is a "serious" online petition for your review. Below is the body of the hardcopy petition. Please sign this petition and send to everyone you know for signature and request that they pass it on. If you or anyone else wants to do hardcopy petitions, please let me know. I recommend going to retirement communities and finding volunteers. This petition will run through December 31st and will go to Federal Court.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sign Petition and/or become an active volunteer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sign Petition: http://www.lobbying forum.com/ petition-detail.aspx?id=247

This is a petition, redress of grievance, and cease and desist order regarding the unauthorized use of Social Security money resulting in deficits.  
We the People demand that the Federal Reserve and Federal government cease and desist using Social Security to pay for DHHS projects and state employee unemployment. We believe that the money being used by the Children's Administration unfairly targets low income populations and creates two sets of victims, poor families and elderly violating all manner of civil and human rights. The Social Security was never meant to be used for pet projects and social reforms but to offset retirement and provide medical coverage.
We believe that both legislative bodies and the Federal Reserve have irresponsibly and fraudulently promoted this forced tax/insurance for those purposes then without public input raped the funds for projects that are severely impacting families without due process. We demand full payment from the Federal Reserve of all monies put into the fund with interest or stop stealing the funding and replace what was spent.
We demand that the retirement age remain the same and that propaganda suggesting that Social Security falls in the category of "entitlement" in an attempt to cover up these thefts using shame cease immediately. We the People have paid into Social Security all of our lives and you will not shame us for something you owe. To suggest we do not have a right to it is absurd - you do not have a right to steal it fraudulently or otherwise.

The United States government has stolen our Social Security money and used it to fund psychological association ideas, pharmaceutical company distribution of drugs including supplying psychotropics to children not authorized for children, stakeholder interests, medical profession enhancement and increase of clients, civil rights violations of targeting poor families for government interference and harassment, and developing courts that have no due process of law violating our Constitutional rights.

We demand a cease and desist or face unprecedented legal action.
Sign Petition>> http://www.lobbyingforum.com/petition-detail.aspx?id=247

Friday, August 13, 2010

So Who is REALLY against Health Care Reform????




Tomorrow, more than 1,000 insurance lobbyists and over-paid executives will invade Seattle in an effort to pressure the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to undercut important new rules intended to control costs and make health insurance more affordable for working families and small businesses. The insurance lobbyists will be met by scores of activists, because the stakes in this fight are too high.

The HMO and insurance industries have spent a breathtaking $769 million since 2007 to influence federal public policy and elected officials.1 And in the subsequent months since the passage of the new health law, they have not let up. They're now trying to undermine the law with intense pressure on state officials to water down the federal provisions and interfere with their implementation.2

Click here and fight back against the insurance industry's army of lobbyists.

As we all know, the insurance industry mounted a massive campaign to defeat health care reform and maintain their stranglehold on our health care. But thanks to your continued efforts - they lost!  Now they are turning their attention to undermining the new law so they can continue their obscene profiteering, their unconscionable denials of care and their shameless practice of giving CEOs jaw-dropping pay packages.

The insurance companies are coordinating a lobbying assault on regulators in order to water down reform! We must stop them!  

Click here and stand up with our activists.  Don't let the insurance companies' lobbyists water down reform.

The amount of money riding on the outcome of this battle is huge. If the new law had been on the books in 2009, the six largest insurance companies would have been required to refund $1.9 billion for last year alone because of over charges.3  And unlike federal lobbying disclosure rules, health insurance companies aren't required to reveal what they are spending to influence state insurance commissioners, but the numbers are almost unbelievable!

Demand that the insurance companies disclose their massive lobbying expenditures. The public has a right to know how much they're spending to protect their excessive profits and outrageous CEO pay.

We said it before: If the insurance companies win, WE lose! And even though we may not be in Seattle, we can still do our part in this fight to hold the insurance industry accountable by demanding that they disclose their lobbying spending of the NAIC and other state officials.  Their unbridled efforts to protect the status quo must be stopped.

Here in California - we know better than most just how far the private insurance industry is willing to go to get what it wants. And that's why we have to take action now, and demand the insurance industry be held accountable and disclose how much money it spends to influence policy that protects THEIR profits against the people!

To your health,

Health Care for America Now - California!Become a fan on Facebook

Follow Us on Twitter

Judge Walker is a tyrant--Only in CA

As an introduction to this recent article, I would like to say that early on in this current battle, I did suggest that Family Rights do not = Equal Rights. Equal Rights, which is the basic Philosophy of any Constitution, ie National and/or Federal.
Not to mention, how definitions have changed over the ages.. ie Gay. Currently I can not call someone being a "Gay Person". When originally it meant "Happy and/or Jolly". Just a thought.

So, unfortunately, as a Native of CA, sometimes I am reluctant to bring up this fact.May you find strength in your Higher Power,
GranPa Chuck

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Judge Walker is a tyrant
Randy Thomasson condemns judicial activist for ordering homosexual "marriages" next week

From today's online Orange County Register:
Both Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown filed legal memorandums in support of lifting the stay.

"I am pleased to see Judge Walker lift his stay and provide all Californians the liberties I believe everyone deserves," Schwarzenegger said after the ruling Thursday. "Today’s ruling continues to place California at the forefront in providing freedom and equality for all people."
Meanwhile, Prop. 8 advocate Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, slammed Walker's decision.
"Bolstered by the broken oaths and homosexual 'marriage' demands of Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vaughn Walker has proven himself to be a tyrannical judicial activist devoted to satisfying himself, rather than being a faithful, duty-bound supporter and defender of the written Constitution," he said.
August 12, 2010 -- For Immediate Release
Randy Thomasson on Judge Walker's refusal to stay his ruling
"Bolstered by the broken oaths and homosexual 'marriage' demands of Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Judge Walker has proven himself to be a tyrannical judicial activist"

Sacramento, California -- California pro-family leader Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, has issued the following statement regarding the refusal of U.S. Judge Vaughn Walker to place his Aug. 4 ruling inventing homosexual "marriages" on hold pending the appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals:
"Californians and Americans are waking up to the awful realization that the written Constitution may have no authority, oaths of office might be meaningless, and our republic is severely threatened by tyrannical judges and politicians. Bolstered by the broken oaths and homosexual 'marriage' demands of Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vaughn Walker has proven himself to be a tyrannical judicial activist devoted to satisfying himself, rather than being a faithful, duty-bound supporter and defender of the written Constitution.
"Walker knows that his ruling will be appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and could be overturned, yet he seems to care little about a peaceful process. By demanding that homosexual 'marriages' begin Aug. 18, Walker is demanding his own way, despite normal legal processes, despite his oath of office, and despite the written words and contextual origins of the U.S. Constitution. If these were the days of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, federal marshalls would arrest and imprison Vaughn Walker as a traitor and domestic enemy of the United States Constitution.
"Most people know that marriage is physically and biologically for a man and a woman. The California Constitution and federal law agree with this scientific fact, while the U.S. Constitution is silent on marriage. Judge Walker has zero legal authority to redefine marriage and no moral authority for attacking this sacred institution, the foundation of family. By inventing and imposing homosexual 'marriages,' Vaughn Walker has launched a personal war against the written U.S. Constitution, the written California Constitution, the voters' interests, and against every higher authority, including God Himself."
Related releases:
8/6/10: Arnold and Jerry violate their oaths of office
8/4/10: SaveCalifornia.com responds to Prop. 8 ruling
-- end --
Randy Thomasson and SaveCalifornia.com are not party to the Prop. 8 case. Randy Thomasson has been defending marriage licenses and marriage rights for one man and one woman throughout California since 1994.
SaveCalifornia.com is a leading West Coast nonprofit, nonpartisan organization representing children and families. We stand for marriage and family, parental rights, the sanctity of human life, religious freedom, financial freedom, and back-to-basics education.