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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On the Brink of a Game Changer for Parental Rights

-- June 24, 2015
On the Brink of a Game Changer for Parental Rights

The delay of our Summer Power Sweep has yielded its first dividend, and though I still must remain vague on the details I can report that we have secured our first commitment from a Democrat to cosponsor the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA) in the U.S. House! This is one small piece in a larger puzzle, but it is a positive step toward a real game changer in our parental rights effort.

Those who have been with us for a while will recall that although parental rights efforts at the state level have consistently been bipartisan, Congress has been a different story. At one point we had 141 cosponsors in the House, of which 140 were Republicans. In Washington’s “party-first” atmosphere that was 140 reasons for Democrats to say, “No, thank you,” without even considering the language we proposed.

For those who have been wondering, this has been the reason for delaying our Summer Power Sweep – to make sure the PRA starts out on bipartisan footing this time around. And we are now a major step closer to that goal.

But that’s not all. We are seeing other in-roads as well.

Last week, David Miranda and I attended the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Columbus, Ohio, where we had opportunity to talk with hundreds of pastors and leaders of other organizations. As a result of our week, ParentalRights.org will soon be sitting down with the public policy arm of the nation’s largest protestant denomination, as well. And the potential of even one of these pastors to influence an entire community for our cause cannot be measured or guessed.
In short, any one of the hundreds we talked to could turn out to be yet another game changer in our favor.

David and I then finished our week at the Mitochondrial Disease Conference in Herndon, Virginia, where we met dozens of families affected by this misunderstood disease. A majority of these parents will be accused of medical abuse or neglect at some point in their child’s medical journey. They understand just how vital their parental rights are.

Organizationally, they also have the ear of the bipartisan Mitochondrial Disease Caucus in Congress. That group is currently made up of 7 Republicans and almost twice as many Democrats. Securing the support of some of these on the Parental Rights Amendment, which the Mito community may help us to do, would be another game changer for the PRA.
Action Items
With the Summer Power Sweep still on hold, what can you do to further the cause of parental rights?

As I write this, 69,052 Facebook users are fans of our ParentalRights.org page. We would like to hit just 70,000 as a direct result of this email. So please take a moment if you haven’t already to “like” our page. And if you already have, please share it to a few select friends and ask them to “like” us as well. It may seem like a small thing, but Facebook is a growing platform for us, and one we can use to reach many more Americans with the need to protect their parental rights.

And if you haven’t already, why not download the petition here and see if you can find a few friends to help you fill up a page? Don’t forget to make plans for National Parental Rights Week starting July 20, too, with a goal of at least filling one page (16 signatures) to increase our reach for this vital cause.

This is our best chance to pass the Parental Rights Amendment. Let us work to make the most of it!
Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research

Think about it
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day from NFAT
And, yes no matter where he might be.
For a Common Suggested VISION is &
Since we are All Connected in one way or another

Our Families,
Our Children,
Our Future


May you find Strength in
Your Higher Power,
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Monday, June 15, 2015

50% of Our Children are Reunified with their Family. Why just 50%????

The other day my staff of NFAT were reviewing the Reports created from the data provided by the NUMEROUS agencies connected with Family, Children, and Welfare issues. (Check Out other reports>> http://nfpcar.org/Kids_Count/#Overview )

Please Note: This is sort of a TEST,
depending on your answers.
But remember in Life there is usually no One particular Quiz paper; the Correct Answers will vary depending on your Life Experiences. The only "Hint" provided, is how can we make a Positive out of the concerns in this Crazy World?

For your viewing, here is the National Chart created from the data gathered for "Exit Reasons for those in Foster Care".
I suppose to be "Statistically" correct, we should have said 51-52% between 2009 to 2013. Noting, of course, all the the "Rest" of the exit reason are very close also.

BUT, one has to ask, are these close percentages just a Reflection of the Budget to Maintain the Child Protective INDUSTRY???

Let's see says Joe AGENCY manager: "We will match our goal of about 50%; and then ADJUST the remainder to fullfill our AGENCY NEEDS". My job is done here, have a nice day, says Joe.

Keep in mind the original PRIORITY as far as placement, SINCE DAY ONE was, but diluted over the years by amendments to CAPTA;
  • Reunify with parents. Noting "Reasonable Efforts" is the primary tool to use.
  • Seek Relative Placement to care for the children (Guardianship or Adoption may be considered) Noting, by Federal Standard concerns, all a Relative had to be was "Fit" and "Willing"
  • Finally, seek care of a Non-Relative (And yes Adoption may be considered.
So then one has to ask about the Financial Support. YES, it is about the $$$$. Noting, we as Family, need $$$$ to live don't we???

So as an example, here is the 2015 Federal Budget for Title IVe Funding:

That's where my staff asked me: "How does the Funding support the Priority of Placement as specified in CAPTA???
Think about it
Nuff Said, yes?



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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

AMA Lobby Opposes Parental Rights

A prime example of Big Business influencing the AMA, which in turn affects
Our Family, Our Children, Our Future.

When are “We the People” going to realize that our current political climate is one of OLIGARGHY? Is it too late to fight the power of Big Business and related Governmental Agencies???

Will say the Parental Rights Organization (Ref: Understand the Issue) has been actively been try to preserve Parental Rights, and everyone and anyone should be a active supporter and even a Family Advocate to support this cause.
As I learned many years ago:
The hand the Rocks the Cradle, RULES the WORLD
Keep Care
And Never Give Up,
GranPa Chuck
AMA Lobby Opposes Parental Rights
Wed, Jun 9, 2015

The American Medical Association (AMA) on Monday voted to oppose religious or philosophical exemptions for childhood vaccinations, in what its members hope will be a determinative blow against informed consent and a parent’s right to protect the bodily integrity of their child.

Two states already deny parents and children these rights under law. Neither Mississippi nor West Virginia allow for a religious or philosophical exemption by law. These states coincidentally both rank at the very bottom in both education (43rd and 50th) and economic (50th and 45th) outcomes, but suddenly the AMA finds them “cutting-edge.”

A bill in California (SB277) is being steam-rolled through the legislature in a rush to outlaw parental conscience in that state as well, which in part has fueled the AMA’s decision.

"We have a bill presently in California at the state legislature to remove all non-medical exemptions. We're worried that weak AMA policy will [affect] the California state legislature," admitted California AMA delegate Mark H. Kogan, MD, according to MedPageToday.

Ironically, the discussion arose from a report by the AMA’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs and its Council on Science and Public Health that called for better education, not stronger mandates, to improve vaccine rates. According to an article at Modern Healthcare, the report called for state laws to provide “clear definitions of accepted grounds for non-medical exemptions that prudently limit such exemptions,” and “...fair, reasonable procedures for granting non-medical exemptions.”

But delegates voted to reject the study of their own councils to take “a strong position” on mandatory vaccines.

The American Medical Association is a trade and lobbying association of medical professionals in the United States. It is made of primarily of medical doctors, and its primary functions are to advise and to lobby on medical best-practices.
In decisions such as this one, the lobbying function has clearly trumped the medical one.

Different speakers cited in several articles argued that forced vaccinations are for the good of the public. None, however, explain how mandating vaccines for non-communicable diseases like tetanus affects anyone but the child receiving the shot. Yet tetanus is among the vaccines currently required under California law which will become mandatory without exemption if SB277 is passed.

A representative from the Infectious Disease Society of America not otherwise identified by MedPage Today is quoted as summing it up nicely: “The science has to trump some of the ethical personal freedoms,” he said.

Another deeply disturbing quote comes from Forbes, which reports, “The AMA said there is no scientific basis for non-medical exemptions….” But could we provide a “scientific basis” for our freedom of speech? Of religion? Of the press, or of due process?

One’s legal rights do not depend on “science,” a fact of constitutional and natural law the AMA seems to have missed.

Fortunately, not all delegates agreed with this “ethics-be-damned” approach to vaccination law. Dr. Ryan Hall is among those who spoke in favor of the original report.

“I think CEJA got it right,” Hall said. “If we really want to change the debate, the solution to bad speech is good speech. We as an organization should not be trying to trample the rights of others. People sometimes have the right to be foolish.”

Whether or not it is foolish to opt out of vaccines for one’s child is a question best left to parents to answer. With its decision on Monday, the AMA has taken a strong stand against your fundamental right to make decisions you believe are in the best interests of your child.

Perhaps you are one of those who in recent years have begun to feel that doctors are your adversaries and not your friends. On Monday that feeling moved one step closer to reality.

Action Items
1. Talk to your doctor right away. Find out how this latest AMA decision may impact your family’s relationship with their practice. It is a sad fact: your best defense against a false medical abuse claim is a solid relationship with your child’s doctor.

2. Spread the word and encourage your friends to sign up with ParentalRights.org. The AMA is no small lobby. Their pockets are deep, and they are targeting your parental rights. If the effort to oppose SB 277 in California has taught us anything, it is that our voice must be overwhelming if we are to win.
Bulletin Insert for Father's Day
One way to spread the word could be to share our new bulletin insert with your house of worship this Father’s Day. The front-and-back, half-page insert features a short message from the Bible (for churches) or the Torah (for synagogues) and invites your congregation to visit ParentalRights.org. We have available a color or grayscale version for churches and a color version for synagogues.
Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research


  • National Coordinator of the Family Survey Program
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Any DADs out there that Farm and/or Garden: Great Gift!!

The way Dad did it

American Farmland Trust
Fathers Day Hat Banner
Hey Families,
Everything I know about farming and farmland began with my Dad.
Growing up on my family’s farm in Washington State meant working in the fields, moving hay, and helping out Dad with whatever else needed to get done that day.  
He provided me with a deep understanding of the importance of farming and working the land. It was, and remains, a way of life that embodies the best of the American spirit and provides a tangible connection to our nation’s – and my family’s – heritage.
Sadly, America’s farmland is under threat. And family farmers are struggling to protect their land and their livelihoods from financial pressures and threats from unchecked development.
Your donation will help add to the more than five million acres of American farmland we’ve already helped protect nationwide. Farmland that will never be sold for development and lost forever.
We’re working to: 
  • defend farmland from unnecessary development
  • promote farming practices that are environmentally sound
  • keep farmers on the land by encouraging preservation of multi-generational farm and ranch ownership
But we need your help.
Help us protect the farming way of life for future generations.
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John Larson
Executive Director of Programs
American Farmland Trust
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