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Monday, October 13, 2014

SUPER Example of Reaching the PUBLIC on One of Many Issues Facing Our Families

 Although, if "Properly" organized, Protesting can be a means to share "AWARENESS".

However, for those Creative individuals, here is another way to reach the PUBLIC:

What that means is over 2000 families are empowered with the CCHR information, DVDs and fact sheets, and can effectively say "NO" to harmful psychiatric drugging!

We are YOUR CCHR office and have a very winning action of being OUT in the community ALL THE TIME! 
We talk to the people in our communities and know how to present our materials and help them to keep themselves and their families safe and succeeding in life!
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Friday, October 10, 2014

10 products that are traumatizing kids everywhere

Lot a Crazy Stuff Posted.
Even more crazy, would you purchase this for your Little One?

Let’s be honest, parents can occasionally do some really weird things. But baby…
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Baby Crazy

32 Ridiculous Things People Actually Buy For Kids. Baby Toupee
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32 Ridiculous Things People Actually Buy For Kids. Crumb Cap
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Gold Teeth Pacifier - baby grillz!
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The Windi gas relievers (aka baby butt plugs)
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baby mop onesie. they are going to craw with or ...
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