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Thursday, March 12, 2015

CCHR Awards National TV News Journalist for Exposing the Dangers of Psychotropic Drugs

Sometimes it takes a Reporter to expose the issues before us. 
NO, not the ones, who put a CATCHY headline to Sell News. 
But those that Research ALL the Facts to get to the TRUTH. (Yes, he works for FOX News.. but there are some reporters that do a very good job) We thank you, Noting, we need many, many more. 
 “Our final award winner has been a correspondent for FOX TV News for 18 years. He has an innate sense of what is wrong, and he tenaciously and courageously finds out why. Colleagues describe Douglas Kennedy as ‘civic-minded,’ ‘a-hard-nosed and caring’ reporter, and one who shows a ‘journalistic dogged-ness’ to get at the truth. FOX National News Chief, Roger Ailes, holds him in great esteem. He stated: ‘Douglas Kennedy tells the truth and his calm and gentle demeanor always impressed me.’
Yes we can Sue Big Pharma for the Damages they have caused to many. But in Big Pharma's eyes it is:
The Cost of Doing Business
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