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Friday, April 25, 2014

Pro Con Updates of the Most Controversial Subjects

We have highlighted five of the most interesting research updates at ProCon.org in the last few weeks.

Those five updates include a resource on the cost of an average college tuition v. median income, the legalization of medical marijuana in Maryland, information on medical marijuana and glaucoma, a gallery of prescription drug advertisements from the 1800s to 2012, as well as top pro and con quotes on the debate surrounding whether or not the US should continue its drone strikes abroad.

Median Incomes v. Average  
College Tuition, 1971-2012
Median Incomes v. Average College Tuition Rates, 1971-2012 - The average tuition at private nonprofit 4-year colleges has been higher than the median annual income for women since 1994. Our new infographic and charts explore the average college tuition at 4-year public and private nonprofit colleges, as well as the median incomes for men and women, from 1971-2012.

Maryland becomes 21st US state to legalize medical marijuana - Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley signed HB 881 into law, which will allow the use of medical marijuana for certain conditions (including severe or chronic pain and seizures) under specific guidelines.
Is Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Glaucoma? - Read quotes from Elvy Musikka, a patient in the federal Compassionate IND program for medical marijuana (pro), the Glaucoma Research Foundation (con), Thomas Orvald, MD, a cardiac surgeon (pro), and the American Medical Association (con), plus more doctors, glaucoma organizations, medical marijuana dispensaries, and others.

Thorazine Advertisement, 1960s
Drug Ads Gallery, 1800s-2014 - Explore advertisements for drugs such as Hamlin's Wizard Oil (1890) for rheumatism, Bulgarian Herb Tea (1928) to prevent the flu, Andrews Liver Salt (1947) for "inner cleanliness," Miltown (1968) for "battered parent syndrome," Prolixin (1982) for drug compliance, and Provigil (2007) for shift work sleep disorder, as well as ads through the years for still-used drugs such as Ritalin and Thorazine. 
Should the United States Continue Its Use of Drone Strikes Abroad? - Read our top pro and con quotes from President Barack Obama (pro), journalist Glenn Greenwald (con), former fighter pilot Martha McSally (pro), Amnesty International (con), and many other experts in the debate over US drone strikes.

Our first e-book explores the pros and cons of vegetarianism. In it, you'll find info about 50 famous vegetarians (from Ozzy Osbourne and Ellen DeGeneres to Rosa Parks and Albert Einstein), charts of meat consumption by country, and, of course, our famous pros and cons sections featuring dozens of sourced arguments and quotes for and against vegetarianism. It costs $4.95, and can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBooks. If you could leave us a great review on your bookseller website, we would sure appreciate it.  

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Please forward these updates to others who may be interested.  Thank you.


Kamy Akhavan
President & Managing Editor, ProCon.org

"Promoting Critical Thinking, Education, and Informed Citizenship"
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 May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,GranPa Chuck
Researcher, Editor, Publisher

UPDATE: From the Creators of "Tough Love" a Super Documentary

We wanted to share this photo from our Full Frame premiere. 

Hannah and Philly got a standing ovation from a sold-out crowd! It was beautiful. Everyone applauded them for their courage to let us into their lives in such an intimate way and share with us their journey and experience with the system.
The diverse and uber-talented Tough Love crew at the Full Frame Q&AThe diverse and uber-talented Tough Love crew at the Full Frame Q&A

We're headed to Toronto tomorrow for our international premiere at the HotDocs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival! indieWIRE chose us as one of the top 10 films to see! You can see the article here: http://www.indiewire.com/article/10-films-were-excited-to-see-at-this-years-hot-docs?page=2#articleHeaderPanel

We hope to have more West coast premieres and screenings to announce soon! If you don't already, please follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ToughLoveTheDocumentary to get the latest news and photos! and keep spreading word to your community to come out to a screening - that's where the change really begins!
Happy Weekend,
Stephanie; Tough Love team
 May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,GranPa Chuck
Researcher, Editor, Publisher

Friday, April 11, 2014

Non-Custodial Moms Survey

Note from the Creator of the Survey:
Hi everyone. I look forward to hearing your experiences. 

I'm Dee Ansbergs. I lost custody of my children 7 years ago, first to their predator father who molested them and then to family services when he did it again.

 I found I had to do something to fight back. That resulted in my working on a project in my women and gender studies certificate program based in my own experience in losing custody of my children.
To this end I've created a questionnaire about non-custodial mother's experiences that I hope you will all participate in by completing it. I will be doing a survey for fathers and couples at a later stage of my research. 

The more data we compile the better. This will raise awareness of our situations and I hope, lead to further research and changes that will benefit our children and us as mothers. The following is the link to the survey.

There is a question that asks where you heard about this project and I hope that you will include that information. Also a place where you can ask for a copy of the completed project if you wish.

I hope moms without custody can take a few minutes to complete my survey. Every voice counts! Thank you!

Got to Survey>>https://usu.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cSj8dO7ylzF3uGV

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Dee AmeyThanks,
Dee Ansbergs
Utah State University
Thanks for reviewing this information.
Any comments would be Super.
Remember- If you don't know your Rights,
You have NONE
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
GranPa Chuck
Researcher, Editor, Publisher