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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Farris: Parental Rights at a Tipping Point

 Just Sharing the Latest from Parental Rights Organization. Yes, these particular email is asking for donations.. But there is also the Donation of Self..ie getting involved with your state to create Legislation similar to the National Parental Rights Amendment.

As stated many times: It's one Family at a Time and one child at a time.
May you find strength in your Higher Power,
Granpa Chuck
Read Email~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-- December 29, 2015
Dear Champion of Parental Rights,
As you and I prepare to turn the calendar’s page to 2016, I truly believe we are facing a
tipping point.

I know assaults on parental rights are becoming more commonplace than ever. I know bureaucrats, educrats, and self-appointed “experts” who dominate the United Nations and America’s growing government today view parents as little more than roadblocks.

They think we’re “in the way” of their utopian efforts to erase our values, beliefs, and traditions and instill our children with unquestioned faith in government power to manage every aspect of their lives!

But there’s good news, too. As attacks increase, more and more Americans from all walks of life and all backgrounds recognize the need to preserve parental rights. And I believe – with your help – this new era of broader cooperation, wider reach, and bipartisan support will be the key to finally enacting the Parental Rights Amendment!

So can I count on you to please renew your support by agreeing to your most generous end of year contribution to ParentalRights.org TODAY?
The truth is, 2015 was an incredible year for ParentalRights.org. Thanks to your support, we were able to:
...Help lawmakers pass legislation recognizing fundamental parental rights in Idaho. That means now nine states have passed laws designed to prevent the erosion of parental rights in state courts;
...Hire Martin Brown to help us reach out to the African-American and Disability communities. Mr. Brown has over 20 years of leadership experience, serving three Virginia Governors, running the Commonwealth’s largest social services agency, and directing its leading pro-family organization. Mr. Brown’s hire is already paying major dividends as a handful of Democrats in Congress are now showing interest in the Parental Rights Amendment!
...Craft new language in the Parental Rights Amendment protecting the rights of parents with disabilities. This would be the first time in history these rights of persons with disabilities would be constitutionally recognized and protected. Previous Supreme Court decisions actually excluding disabled Americans from 14th Amendment protections have never been overturned;
...Gain the National Federation of the Blind’s endorsement for the Parental Rights Amendment, which will likely help us build on our current support on BOTH sides of the aisle;
...Conduct a national training seminar for our state leaders across the country to ensure Members of Congress hear growing support from their own constituents back home for the Parental Rights Amendment.

And with your help, I’m hopeful 2016 will be even bigger!
The next twelve months will be extremely heated politically. Politicians in both parties will be doling out campaign promises like never before.
Of course, we all recognize that politicians’ talk is cheap. So it’s up to you and me to demand not just words, but action on the Parental Rights Amendment.

The good news is, I expect the Parental Rights Amendment to be reintroduced with massive support in the early months of 2016. And with pro-parent leaders like Congressman Bob Goodlatte and Senator Chuck Grassley leading the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, we’ll have a running start.

But you can bet the elites who want to see the Parental Rights Amendment squashed and power solidified for the government will turn out in force to stop us.

If enacted, the Parental Rights Amendment would legally recognize the God-given right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children – including “the right to choose public, private, religious, or home schools, and the right to make reasonable choices within public schools for one’s child.”

Without this Amendment, I’m truly afraid of where parental rights will be headed in the United States.

There’s no clear textual standard that protects parents’ rights to make decisions they deem best for their kids. Court precedent is confusing. And power-hungry bureaucrats are constantly pushing the envelope to gain more say over families’ everyday decisions.
Common Core, “No Parents” signs on school grounds, ridiculous actions by Child Protective Services, court decisions that say parents have ZERO legal say in what their kids are taught, and the misguided application of “medical privacy” laws – which are shutting parents out of their children’s health lives – are all symptoms of a growing government ideology that says, “bureaucrats know best.”
But the truth is, no bureaucrat – no matter how smart or well-intentioned – can ever replace a loving parent.

The American people understand that critical truth. Polls have always shown our Amendment has broad support among a broad range of Americans. Now, with growing bipartisan support, you and I are in a stronger position than ever before to insist on not just talk but action.

As I mentioned, with your support, Parentalrights.org is already busy laying the groundwork for our biggest year yet.

In 2016, Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia (and likely even more states) will all consider parental rights legislation.
We’ll need to have every bit of our organizational muscle at our disposal to pass as many of these state statutes as possible. They are vital to helping us build momentum for a federal Parental Rights Amendment and grow our grassroots’ capability, which will be critical during the coming ratification fight.
In addition to those state efforts, we’ll need to double down on our efforts to broaden our base of parental and organizational support.

Minority groups – who’ve seen firsthand the failure of big government education programs in inner cities – are very receptive to our efforts. Without the freedom to homeschool or send their kids to private school, many minorities could never break the generational cycle of poverty.

Not only that, but a recent study showed that African-American homes are broken up at a 40% higher rate than whites by child welfare services!
Make no mistake. Our momentum is growing. Our reach is spreading to parents from all backgrounds and walks of life.

But continuing to build on our successes will take resources. If I can count on your generous support as this year ends, it will significantly improve our financial strength and ability to plan for the next year.

As the only organization in America dedicated to protecting parental rights, we are 100% supporter financed. Most gifts we receive are between $10 and $100. ParentalRights.org’s national campaign operates with fewer staff than even many Congressional campaigns. And I personally don’t draw a dime in salary from ParentalRights.org.
I’m proud of all the important work you’ve helped us accomplish so far. But your ongoing support is so critical. With your help, I want to pull out all the stops in 2016.

Will you please agree to a generous year-end gift right away to support ParentalRights.org in the coming year?
I’m asking you to make a big stretch, to give more than you’ve ever given. But I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t so important.

If you can’t make that stretch right now, I certainly understand. Some can give $15 while others can give $5,000. But even if you only give a little, every gift helps!
Your end-of-year support will make such a tremendous difference to ParentalRights.org’s efforts as we lay the groundwork for more massive advancements in 2016.
Keeping our momentum going depends on your generosity. So please make your most generous contribution today.
Michael Farris

May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
GranPa Chuck

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Money Down the Drain.. Thank You Government

The National Family Advocacy Team deals PRIMARILY with Family Issues when faced with the Child Protective AGENCY.
Plus Many, many, many talk ABOUT the MONEY.
(Yup. It is about the money..ie We, as a Family, need $$$$$ to live, yes??)

Well, believe it or not, there is a group that is working hard towards making the Government Responsible for the $$$$$. Noting, the Child Protective AGENCY is just a "Drop in the Bucket" compared to the rest of the Government Funding.

YES, it is vital to make everyone accountable for their actions, but we as Common Joe Citizens need to go in a similar direction and Government Spending is One Common Goal.

Here is the Introduction to an email just recieved, 12/09/15:In times like these, the world needs the United States to be strong. But that’s becoming increasingly difficult as the federal government throws away the nation’s finances. Here’s the short list of federal waste from this week.
A new report highlights “100 ways the government dropped the ball” down the toilet.
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
GranPa Chuck