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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Parents: Be that “One Small Voice” and Share your Opinions when Faced with the Child Protective AGENCY

Starting in Early May, 2014, a group of Family Advocates came together and thought it would be useful to create an “Initial” Survey to primarily see if:
·         A Parent was accused of Child Abuse
·         If the AGENCY, Lawyers, Judges, etc. where sharing
·         The Right a Parent had to properly defend themselves.

Yes, there is Real Child Abuse… And those that do such to Our Children, should be punished accordingly. (Noting that even those in the AGENCY abuse children, when they are bound to Protect
them. Sad, Yes?)
However, for even creating the AGENCY some 40 years ago, they were given these main tasks:

1.  Protect Children;

2.  Strengthen Families

Has this been done?  AND  Have parents had the opportunity to Share their Opinion?
Parents ~ Be that “One Small Voice”
And Take this Survey OR Check Back when a survey comes to your state.
We are creating Surveys state by state.
Here is our Progress as of Today:
ACTIVE State Teams' Survey Home Page> ~ FL~ HI ~ IA ~ NV ~ WA
Soon to Be ACTIVE States>> AZ ~ CA ~MA ~ MD ~ OH ~ OR ~ SC ~ TX
Want to Become a Member of the State Team for further Development in Your State??
We have NO Leaders~
Just Dedicated and Creative TEAM Members
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