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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Very Important Message for ALL Georgia Families

There is an extremely brave woman, being Senator Nancy Schaefer from the great State of Georgia, that has taken the initiative to introduce legislation into the State of Georgia to curb the abuses of the Child Custody DCF employees and adoption process for money remembering this is happening in every State, county, city and town in America. The judges are not independent but are all bound for performance for money. This is travesty of the greatest level as parents go into the court rooms thinking that the truth is relevant, but all of the time every party in the courtroom have contracts to perform for money called "cooperative agreements" included the judges, state AG, DCF, Guardian Ad Litems, etc. - it rigged from the beginning to the end.
This is the first Senator that I know of that has really stepped out to curb these sexual and physical abuses that are inflicted upon Children, and not to mention the quota system that is used for MONEY with penalties (YMCA up to 10% of a 125 Million/year Contract - Florida) for not meeting these quotas. I have attached an excerpt from the Florida in support of this as an Offer of Proof directly from the YMCA Contract that hides behind the "program" of Safe Children Coalition.

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