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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Has Congress Forgotten Us Ol' Folks???????

Just received this email today and thought I would share.... I don't like to get political and actually the concern below should not be considered Political.... but instead "How do we as families survive in these Economic times.

I firmly believe that the cost of living needs to go down instead of keep climbing... I have to say DUH when Big Business wonders why people are not buying more..... I've been in Agricultural most of my life and haven't the Big Guys heard of Supply and Demand... ie not buying, lower the price?????????


There's no question that seniors need their Social Security cost-of-living increase.

The only question is whether Congress is paying attention.

Tell Congress to ACT NOW to make sure that seniors get the relief they need.

Remember when we got the news that Social Security recipients weren't going to get their annual cost-of-living increase next year?

Now Congress has to decide whether to step in and fix this problem – or leave millions of seniors in the lurch.

But, so far, our lawmakers in Washington have not acted – and, with so much on the agenda, and so little time left this year, I'm starting to wonder if this has fallen off Washington's "to-do" list...

Tell Congress to make sure 41 million seniors get the relief they need.

The painful truth is that, with the rising cost of prescription drugs, utilities and health care, many seniors count on these adjustments just to make ends meet.

And, what's more, an increase has been a part of Social Security every year for the past 35 years! Seniors need help to weather this bad economy, which has hit them particularly hard.

Time is running out to make sure Congress fixes this problem before the end of the year. We must raise our voices now - and make sure that millions of seniors aren't left behind.

Tell your members of Congress to step up now and ensure that seniors get the modest help they need next year!

Thanks for all your help.


Barry Jackson
Senior Manager, Grassroots


May YOU find Strength in YOUR Higher Power,

GranPa Chuck
Never Give Up

PS: I am not a Lawyer. Just an ol'guy who has shared many experiences.

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