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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Government Waste???

I received a big handout in the mail and I had to share this response....
Not even going to say what party it is....
but here is my short and sweet response to the politician, fyi:

Yesterday, I received, in the mail a double sided heavy paper copy entitled:

How do we fix:
  • Rising Unemployment
  • Exploding National Debt
  • Out-of-Control Spending.

Then on the upper left hand corner I saw in very small print "This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at the taxpayers expense"

How ironic is this????

The issues above are NOT POLITICAL.. Instead, we as a nation should come together and do the right thing, THE FIRST TIME for our families.. and not be controlled by the second government, BIG BUSINESS.


If you know of any fraud, mis money management, here are links you may want to consider:

Voice Your Concerns

This information is found on our NFPCAR webpage: http://nfpcar.org/Reform/

I don't know about everyone else's budget, but in my household, every penny counts....
ie where is our Bail Out Monies????
May YOU find Strength in YOUR Higher Power,
GranPa Chuck
Never Give Up
PS: I am not a Lawyer. Just an ol'guy who has shared many experiences.
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