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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wall Street TOTALLY out of wack

eMail Notice from
Consumers Union
Consumer confidence just hit an all-time low.
Yet Wall Street bonuses climbed 17% last year, and financial industry profits may reach $55 billion – nearly three-times the previous record!
The financial industry is more out-of-whack than ever, continuing to reward those who gamble with our hard-earned money. Meanwhile, promised reforms designed to bring back personal responsibility, fair play and common sense are sidelined in Congress – and political opponents think you won’t notice, or won’t care!
It’s time Washington stops listening to the banks and listens to you. The Senate is putting together a financial reform bill, and the banks’ top brass know their big bonuses are at stake. Make sure your Senators know their responsibility to voters is at stake – tell them to support real Wall Street reform now!

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