Goliath comes in many forms~
It is time to stop the devastation to innocent families which is occurring daily across the country.
My Family Rights Affiliation


Sunday, May 27, 2012


It is time to come together and make a point for the importance of Family.
  • We no longer stand by idly and watch family and dependency court make money off of our children
  • We no longer accept alienation through faulty court and agency process
  • We no longer will stand by as our children cry for us without reprieve
  • We no longer accept no redress of grievances
  • We no longer tolerate lethargic legislators and unjust family law
  • We no longer accept federal agencies refusing to take responsibility
  • We no longer look the other way on immunity
  • We no longer allow perjury to destroy us
  • We no longer tolerate civil and human rights violations
  • We no longer stand by as the courts sell our children to strangers based on hearsay
  • We no longer tolerate gender and poverty based discrimination
People let's get out of our pet issue framework and support each other while recognizing that a foe much greater than us has destroyed our families. We must work together to change the foundation of family law that has taken away our
  • due process,
    Bill of Rights and Constitutional rights.
    They have turned civil law into tyranny.
    They accuse, attack and destroy our families.
    They drug our children and refuse our voice over education.
    They have doctors making decisions that destroy our health while they take kickbacks using faulty reasoning and justification.

    They resist alternative health while putting poisons in our food to feed to our families.
Let's take the land back. Let's take our families back. We must agree to work together and stop pointing fingers, male and female in harmony creating a new kind of energy as change agents. We must look at the big picture. Please support this protest nationally and internationally. The time is now and the people are YOU.
A Statement for Your Consideration

“We are joining forces with all persons affected by Parens Patriae to include parents, extended family, foster parents and father's and mother's rights groups. While this is a difficult endeavor due to various divisions, the focus will be on challenging the system with the unified goals and commonalities that each is suffering under in family courts and through CPS.”
(See Definition: Parens Patriae)
Show your support and Stand Behind this Rally
Friday, June 15 at 10:00am at Your State Capitol or Family Court House, or where ever!
Plus show your support of the Necessity of a keeping a family together and
Celebrate National Family Month
Sharing, Caring, & Guidance are essential
Abuse awareness is good, but preventing abuse by a Strong Family is
  • National Family Month is celebrated for a five week period between Mother's Day to Father's Day.
  • This is a good time to reflect on your family and how to make it stronger.
Kids Peace
The celebration was created by KidsPeace to raise awareness and underscore the importance of family
 – kids, mothers, fathers, relatives and caregivers
and to encourage supporting one another.
Child-development experts have described "family" as
"someone who has a strong emotional attachment to another."
National Family Month provides an opportunity for families to share special time together, to develop or renew relationships, identify or rediscover needs and to remind everyone of the importance of family involvement in raising healthy, confident kids for America's future.
See Official Declaration Passed, the U.S. House of Representatives October 8, 1998
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
Granpa Chuck
Keeper of the web files for http://nfpcar.org
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