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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Grandparents Rights Assoc. of the US is Growing

Rhode Island was the newest state to be added to the  Grandparents Rights Association of the United States 

If we think back in the development of our Great Nation, many multigenerational families were the backbone towards the development of this country.

Grandparents Rights Association of the United StatesHowever, somewhere along the line of development, the importance of Grandparents got lost? 

Believe it or not, in this time of severe economic times and this crazy world, many grandparents are taking an active role in their grand kids and their children's lives to work together and get through these times.

Keep in mind, many grandparents don't want to take over the lives of their children. But instead have come to the realization that working together has many plus benefits.

So check out the map below.. And if your state is not part of this, be that One Small Voice and suggest to others to do so.

Myself, I believe that Families are the Greatest resource we have in the Nation, if Not the World.

Our survival may depend on the Strength of Our Families.

May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
Granpa Chuck
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