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Friday, April 11, 2014

Non-Custodial Moms Survey

Note from the Creator of the Survey:
Hi everyone. I look forward to hearing your experiences. 

I'm Dee Ansbergs. I lost custody of my children 7 years ago, first to their predator father who molested them and then to family services when he did it again.

 I found I had to do something to fight back. That resulted in my working on a project in my women and gender studies certificate program based in my own experience in losing custody of my children.
To this end I've created a questionnaire about non-custodial mother's experiences that I hope you will all participate in by completing it. I will be doing a survey for fathers and couples at a later stage of my research. 

The more data we compile the better. This will raise awareness of our situations and I hope, lead to further research and changes that will benefit our children and us as mothers. The following is the link to the survey.

There is a question that asks where you heard about this project and I hope that you will include that information. Also a place where you can ask for a copy of the completed project if you wish.

I hope moms without custody can take a few minutes to complete my survey. Every voice counts! Thank you!

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