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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Forida Help Support this drive Against the Misuse of Psychiatry of Our Children

  • A 12 year old was committed to a psychiatric ward for nothing but expressing his anguish over the loss of his father. 
  • A 10 year old is placed on a mental health drug and told he has a mental disorder when he actually was doing well in school, getting good grades and not misbehaving-only because his mother's new boyfriend thought the boy was irritating. 
  • A young teen was talking to her new therapist with her mom present and the next thing you know, the therapist is on the phone---doing none other than- beginning the proceedings to have the teen committed-despite no action or intent to harm herself or another.
With each of these three examples, the caring relative contacted our office and was helped by our staff and each of these children was brought to safety and permitted a chance at a bright future!

With an average of 80 new individuals/families calling on our hotline each month-this adds up to a lot of people helped.

The only thing we need from you is help to continue to do what we do so well!

Become a member today and feel the pride and honor of being part of a group that works for the betterment of Florida families!

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