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It is time to stop the devastation to innocent families which is occurring daily across the country.
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Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11th, is the FIRST day for Nationally Family Month

Celebrate National Family Month
  • Sharing, Caring, & Guidance are essential Abuse awareness is good, but preventing abuse by a Strong Family is PRICELESS 
  • National Family Month is celebrated for a five week period between Mother's Day to Father's Day. This is a good time to reflect on your family and how to make it stronger.
Kids Peace
The celebration was created by KidsPeace to raise awareness and underscore the importance of family
 – kids, mothers, fathers, relatives and caregivers
and to encourage supporting one another.
Child-development experts have described "family" as
"someone who has a strong emotional attachment to another."
National Family Month provides an opportunity for families to share special time together, to develop or renew relationships, identify or rediscover needs and to remind everyone of the importance of family involvement in raising healthy, confident kids for America's future.


  • National Coordinator of the Family Survey Program
    When One Deals with the Child Protective AGENCY
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