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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Call for Entries: Fostering the Future 2016

 Yes each year there is Foster Care Awareness Month.


Each year Children's Rights runs a Daily Post of those Caught in the Middle while waiting for the Adults to establish a Permanent and Secure home for the Foster Child.
 So how well is the AGENCY doing?? Check this out, "Shame on U.S"..

HOWEVER, after sharing stories with many Foster Children and Foster Care Givers, a question keeps coming up:
"Why are Many of these Children even in Foster Care?"

We ALL must keep in mind and remember to even create the Child Protective AGENCY, they were given two main tasks:
  • Protecting Children
  • Strengthening Families
with NO Particular Priority of either. (Refer to the History of CAPTA)

So we do encourage all those, who have been in Foster Care to, Yes share your experiences.

Maybe this will open the Eyes of the Public, who can not see the Big Picture that in the Scheme of Things it is about:
Our Families, Our Children, Our Future

But forget there are many Foster Children waiting for ADULTS to find solutions for the Child's safe, secure, and strong family.

Noting still too many don't realize that over 80% of the issues are about neglect, and most of these are those families that are having a hard time providing food, clothing and shelter. However, as part of Strengthening Families, the agency has been bond to assist by Making Reasonable Efforts to do so.

May you Find Strength in Your Higher Power,
GranPa Chuck
~~~~~~~~~~~~~So Please get your Entries in. Explained below~~~~~~

Posted: 14 Aug 2015 12:40 PM PDT

Do you, or someone you know, have a story to share about life in foster care? If so, Children’s Rights would love to hear it.

Children’s Rights is now accepting submissions for its 4th annual Fostering the Future campaign. The blog-a-day initiative, which takes place during National Foster Care Awareness Month, highlights the first-hand accounts of people who have experienced state care. Those interested in participating should email communications@childrensrights.org.

Past bloggers have used their stories to expose people across the country to the realities of foster care, and to inspire others still in state care.

“Giving young people the opportunity to reveal their experiences to the world is a profound and revolutionary thing,” said 2015 blogger Kristopher Sharp. “Fostering the Future provides youth who have been involved with the foster care system an important platform to educate the public while simultaneously giving them a forum to share their own truths.”

Julius Kissinger, a blogger from Ohio, called the opportunity “incredible.” “I chose to do this not only to share my story, but to inform people who are, or have gone through, similar struggles that there is hope, there is always hope,” he said.

Catherine Konold, a participant from Utah, said even though she was a little nervous to tell her foster care story, “I knew that it could help kids in similar situations.”

The project calls for people to submit a blog post of up to 750 words along with a high-resolution photo. The blog should, in some way, shape or form, address the following:
“How did going through foster care affect your life? Based on your experience, do you think foster care should change?”

If they wish, writers may want to consider addressing:
    • What they would say to other kids going through foster care
    • Who influenced them while they were in foster care
    • What are their best and/or worst memories of foster care
    • Any other issues related to foster care that they personally find important
Children’s Rights encourages a creative approach. As each person, and his or her experience, is unique, there is no template for the blogs. And while CR works to reform foster care, the organization strives to include all perspectives in Fostering the Future, including those who found their experiences to be positive and beneficial. The blogs, which will be promoted via CR’s Facebook and Twitter pages, will be housed on the organization’s website.

Blogs will be edited for length and clarity and submitting a blog does not guarantee it will be used.
If you have any questions, please email communications@childrensrights.org. You can check out blog posts from previous participants at http://fosteringthefuture.com. 

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