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Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Dr. Spock destroyed America

Came across this interesting article, How Dr. Spock destroyed America  and thought I would share it with you for your comments.

Also, I believe that the Strength of Our Nation, depends on the Strength of Our  Families. Just as I have told many that "We do not own our children. Instead we are here to guide them so they too can become responsible adults." These are just a few thoughts I established as I went through my journey through life. It has taken a long time since I will be 65 this year.

Can we directly blame Dr. Spock for the changes of the last 40-50 years? One would have to say no. However, the pendulum of change usually happens over a period of many years and many times an idea, even a small idea, can influence this change. Plus, we are still a nation of free will. 

So with these basic thoughts in mind, do read How Dr. Spock destroyed America

May you Find Strength in Your Higher Power,
Just an ol' guy, who has shared many family experiences
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