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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Drugging of American Children

This is Part 2 of a 7 Part of the series "Did you Know>> "The Drugging of American children?"

I've taken a few points to consider, from Part 2. Although it is directed towards Foster Care Givers, ALL Families should consider these issues:

"....how do we know the best thing to do for our children, natural foster or adopted? Do your foster child really need the drugs he/she is taking?
  1. Do we stand up for these vulnerable children, do we say they don’t need drugs?
  2. What do we do about our agencies, Child Protective Services?
  3. Are you able to stand up and say no to CPS?
  4. Are you afraid to speak up?
  5. Have you been threatened with the loss of your foster care license if you dare to speak up

Marilyn, the National Administrator for Foster Parents Legal Solutions, business for 12 years, and National Director for NFPCAR one of the most...
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