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Thursday, July 26, 2012


By: Cess Ssec

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The strategy has several parts; each part must be understood in order to understand the whole.
  • First
The eugenicists still appeal to racism but the appeal is well disguised - going by such code names as "gene frequency", which is a legitimate term in genetics. This intellectual camouflage is adaptive behavior in the service of survival, a technique which the eugenicists have apparently learned from the animals they strive to emulate.
  • Second
The eugenicists adopted a policy of "crypto-eugenics" following World War II. "Crypto-eugenics" means working through other organizations, such as the International Planned Parenthood Federation.
  • Third
The eugenicists adopted the tactic of finding and using ambiguities and loopholes in the law. Ambiguities or loopholes found by eugenic lawyers such as Glanville Williams (ES) and Harriet Pilpel are exploited to allow eugenical doctors such as Dugald Baird (ES), Leonard Arthur (ES) and Alan Guttmacher (AES) to introduce the desired eugenic activity as a normal medical procedure, done at the patient's request. Introducing the eugenic activity as a normal medical procedure allows it to be shrouded in medical privacy - an extra layer of haze in addition to that gained by working through other organizations.
  • Four
The eugenicists use the techniques of modern advertising to rally support. Since the goal is antidemocratic and the means involves secrecy and legal quibbles, only advertising is really suitable as a means of, well, of advertising. After all, people have to find out somehow that steroids are available for their girlfriends, abortions and infanticide for their children, starvation for their injured relatives and a suicide machine for their elderly parents. Only advertising knows how to motivate people's wallets while bypassing their heart and brain.

And how successful eugenic advertising has been! People who would scorn to be caught believing in the Marlboro Man or to repeating "It's the real thing" without ironic overtones, will absorb complete little fantasies from condom and abortion ads. They mouth empty slogans such as "it's a woman's choice" or "safe sex" with a devotion that must bring tears of ecstasy to the poll takers and ad men involved. Slogans and demons are preferred to reasons. Campaigns based on fostering hatred of the Roman Catholic hierarchy have proved very successful in persuading women to take cancer causing steroids. In another triumph, the word "selection" used by Josef Mengele at Auschwitz has been metamorphosed into "choice" and gained the support of the American Hebrew Union.
  • Five
The great enemy of eugenics is and always has been the Roman Catholic Church. The eugenics societies therefore expend great energy on destroying or neutralizing this Church's opposition. For example, in the early sixties, while eugenic journals were filled with discussions of how best to change society in the eugenic direction, eugenicists engaged certain deluded Catholics, such as Fr. John O'Brien of Notre Dame, in solemn discussions about "not imposing morality". These unhappy souls were then persuaded to work to prevent the Church from taking a stand on eugenic issues because "it was not right for the Church to impose its moral values on others". Thus, as the eugenicists worked to change society and impose their disastrous morality on everyone, (see for example, "Population Policy", Kingsley Davis, Science, v. 158, 1967, p. 730 with its sequels "Beyond Family Planning", John D. Rockefeller III, Bucharest, 1974 and the proposed Cairo Protocols 1994) they had the satisfaction of seeing the Catholic Church divided and weakened in its opposition to them by some Catholic bishops, priests, papers and magazines. And even today some "Catholics", such as Daniel Callahan of the American eugenics society, do every thing they can to keep the Church from effectively opposing the imposition of eugenic morality on everyone.
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