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Sunday, December 23, 2012

When is the SPLITING of the Many Family Reform Groups Going to STOP

 Below is a recent chat via FB I recently received. Actually, I was very offended by receiving such chat since I knew the particulars of both events.
I've been around a few years as a Family Advocate and as a Father, Grand Father, and Mediator, and I am amazed by the continuous splits occurring in the Family Rights Movement.
To me this is very sad. Now more than ever we ALL need to become Advocates for Our Selves to Protect Our Precious Families. However, these type of distractions merely "dilute" the True Purpose of the Family Movement.
Personally, I can only change myself and merely Suggest to others. (Here a just a few that come to mind)
  • Families are Always First. Perhaps the Most Important we have in America, if not the world
  • True Reform comes from the Bottom Up and NOT the Top Down
  • We must know All Sides of an Issue to even hope to come to the best possible solution(s) of our concern(s)
  • Whether Family, Business, Government, etc. One must take the Team Approach. Yes we may designate a Leader. However, each member of the Team may have an Expertise which they can contribute on an Equal Basis to build a strong relationship as a Team.
  • The only words needed as a vision for a Team are "Sharing", "Caring", & "Guidance"
So below is the email received and my brief response. I can only say quit the BS and look for ways to go in at least similar was, fully knowing that there are thousands of separate groups in the Big Universe.
Chat Received
Please be advised that you are shown on this Facebook page as attending an event in Washington, DC on January 9 -- https://www.facebook.com/events/284021855036388/ This is NOT the Lawless America event. This web page was hijacked by some people who are not associated with Lawless America and who will never be associated with Lawless America. If you are not attending that event, may I suggest that you try to remove your name from their list (which was our list of RSVP’s), and post a comment stating that you will not be attending. If you will meet Me in DC for the Lawless America event on February 5-6, 2013, please so indicate here -- http://www.facebook.com/events/377879652299513/?ref=ts&fref=ts We have over 1,400 people who have RSVP’d to say they will attend.
Thanks! Bill Windsor -- www.LawlessAmerica.com www.YouTube.com/lawlessamerica www.facebook.com/lawlessamerica http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2337260/
My Response
Why are you telling me this? 
Perhaps I am one who supports the efforts of both? 
Will say the division and/or slamming of each event is ridiculous.
Myself, and others associated with me guide others on a Daily Basis, and not just an Annual event.
We encourage everyone to become an Advocate for themselves to protect their precious family. Since true reform comes from the Bottom Up and NOT the top down.. The ineffectiveness of our government and legal system is a prime example. 
I would say thanks for informing me, but I am fully aware of the conflict... So, so sad. When now more than every we need to United and not continue to Separate based on what we, as designated "Leader" think is more right.. Being a true team is the only answer.
Granpa Chuck
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 GranPa Chuck


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