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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Join the Discussion - From Broken Child to Resilient Woman-May 31

Tune In to:
"HEART Talk with Ms. E"
This Friday, May 31st
 5:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Central/8:30PM Eastern 
as we close out
 National Foster Care Awareness Month
  Former Foster Youth
HEART Talk Publications' Newest Author  
Ms. Nicole L. Marchman  
as we discuss her memoir:
From Broken Child to Resilient Woman
  Unbreakable Spirit Arises:
What Readers Are Saying:
"This book is an inspiration for anyone who is a foster, or is fostering a child, or for that matter anyone seeking a story of overcoming life's challenges".
"Nicole's story is an inspiring one of tenacity and triumph... And this story is far from over"
"It will give you hope and make you see that one person can make a difference if they truly believe".
"A story like Nicole's could be hidden from daylight-- too painful to share--too much to relive.Instead of keeping her story a secret, she has instead chose to share it in this book and reflect it in her work."
"I felt as though I was a part of her journey to getting to the inspirational person that she is today. After reading this book, I was encouraged, challenged and pushed to continue with my goals."
You can Listen online at:
and participate during the Live Q&A segment Call

May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
Granpa Chuck
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