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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tough Love a documentary about the child welfare system

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TOUGH LOVE chronicles the lives of two parents, Hannah from New York City and Patrick from Seattle, who have been separated from their children by the state. Through vérité-style footage and exclusive access inside the child welfare courts, TOUGH LOVE captures an intimate, firsthand account of these parents' triumphs and struggles as they confront their past mistakes and attempt to prove to the system that they deserve a second chance to be parents. Throughout the film we will also hear from the foster parents who take care of these children, the judges who oversee these cases and the child welfare experts who have a clear understanding of how this complex system works.


Hi, my name is Stephanie Wang-Breal. Thank you for visiting my Kickstarter page for my new film, TOUGH LOVE. You may know me from my last film WO AI NI MOMMY a story about International Chinese adoption. Working on that film was an amazing experience. Along the way we won multiple awards, were nominated for an Emmy and met an amazing community of people. This community urged me to look more closely into our nation's child welfare system. After doing some research, I became inspired me to make this new documentary, TOUGH LOVE.  
When I first began working on this film 2.5 years ago, I was surprised to learn that over 90% of parents lose custody of their children to the foster care system for neglectful incidents relating to treatable issues: insufficient housing, lack of childcare or family support, and drug addiction. Many of these parents deeply love their children and want them home. Sadly, poverty-related stresses and cultural stigma often make it difficult for them to get their kids home and out of foster care. This is a story and perspective that's rarely told in today's media.
As most child welfare stakeholders will tell you, the general public has a lot of empathy for kids who are in foster care, but very little empathy for the parents. TOUGH LOVE addresses the complexity of the child welfare system and shows that many of these parents are not bad people, but are lacking in the support systems they need to raise their children. By starting at the beginning, inside the parents' homes, TOUGH LOVE will provide audiences with a better understanding of what services vulnerable parents need to keep their children  out of foster care.

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Wo Ai Ni Mommy (I Love You Mommy)

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