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Monday, June 3, 2013

Welcome to the Island of Common Sense?

 Thoughts to Consider

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 Many of you have heard me use the phrase “on my island”. 
My island would be called The Isle of Common Sense.
Here are some of the highlights of living on Common Sense….
  • Anyone who hurts a child, female or senior citizen would be taken to the beach and told to start walking into the ocean. Strong swimming skills are a must for mopes on the Isle of Common Sense.
  • No one would receive any monetary benefits unless they worked. If needed, neighbors would help neighbors….but not to the point of enabling. If you don’t work, you will not be permitted to have an iPhone. That’s just logic. We would take care of the disabled or infirm. Able-bodied people must carry the water or swim. It’s called tough love.
  • No drugs on Common Sense. We get high from living life. If you have drugs, have strong swimming skills.
  • The police officers would have no need to carry guns. We would all be trained in Judo, similar to the skills learned by Deputy Barney Fife from the Judo School in Mt. Pilot. Our hands would be lethal weapons. Chuck Norris would be our training officer.
  • Loud, floral patterned shirts would be very acceptable, in spite of Mrs. Chief and the chief children insisting that I not wear them. It’s my island.
  • Elected people would not get paid. The only mandatory meeting for them would be to plan the yearly festival. They would also count on only themselves to get elected. No political commercials or special interest groups. It muddles everyone’s thoughts.
  • Police cars would be those dune-buggy type vehicles. I have always wanted to drive a dune buggy.
  • We would all still meet on Facebook. Common Sense would still have internet sensations.
  • If you steal on Common Sense, you have to work in the store or for the person you stole from to work off the offense. If you steal again, you swim.
  • You could sleep with your doors and windows open on Common Sense. If someone violated your space, we would judo chop them…Chuck Norris style.
  • Daughters could only date after the age of 25. Their date would have to have a college degree, a job and house.
  • There will be no baggie pants on the Isle of Common Sense. We do not want to see your underwear.
  • Hugging will replace handshakes as the routine form of greeting.
Welcome to the Isle of Common Sense…..Chief Oliver
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
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