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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"What's in DSM-5 to Help Alienated Children"?????-GREAT QUESTION

Although I have many Issues about the many years of Development of the DSM Manual..ie Psyco Bible, perhaps this webinar could be of assistance???
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Bernet 2010 2Dr. Bernet's Webinar 

"What's in DSM-5 to Help Alienated Children"??

Sunday June 30 at 8pm eastern time

Dr. Bernet will be our introductory webinar guest for this years series of webinars. Dr. Bernet is the lead psychiatrist of the Parental Alienation Study Group ,PASG, the group who was influential in having PA behaviours considered and eventually placed into the DSM 5.

Registration will ensure that on June 30th well before 8pm eastern time, you are given the internet and/or phone access details for the webinar. There is a $10 registration fee which can be paid online as well.

We will announce the July webinar speaker at the end of Dr. Bernet's presentation.

The actual text in the DSM 5

DSM-5_3Dthe Alienation text in the DSM 5 is broadly based and located in several sections.

We have consolidated that text and you can find it referenced here.

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Volunteers 2
PAAO has opportunities for you to participate in creating awareness and the harm done to children, by volunteering to do any of the following;

1. Manage our Twitter account 
2. Write Press releases (at least 2X per month) 
3. Someone in Ontario who is familiar with Ontario charity legislation who can assist with gaining what is known as a lottery license. 
4. A manager for our Pinterest account who also has some graphics abilities.

If you are ready and able to help us, or know of someone else who is, please respond to this newsletter or email sarvy@paawareness.org 
with the subject line volunteer. You will be aiding a great cause which may be personal for you too.

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