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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Grandparents Pass the Word about this Strategy Meeting

from 1 P.M. - 4 P.M.
These individuals listed below will be assisting us in our pursuit of legislation entitling North Carolina's children to have access to ALL of their extended family. We urge you to attend this important meeting! The support of many is needed for the success and attainment of this State goal. Several NC Legislators have been invited to this meeting as well.

We also are inviting those of you in other states across our nation who are working toward these same goals to join us on our conference line. For additional details and to confirm your attendance, email us at: FamilyAccessinNC@aol.com.

In case you may not be able to join us for the whole meeting, the schedule of speakers is as follows:

1:15 PM- Elaine Cobb, Founder of Grandparents' Rights in North Carolina and Co-Founder Family Access in North Carolina welcomes everyone

1:30 PM-Bobby Rudolph, Chairman Grandparents' Rights of Washington State (GROWS) will be speaking to us about Granville V. Troxel and working to get the law overturned and what is going on in Washington state with GROWS

2:00 PM-Vickijo Letchworth AGA- Florida will speak to us on the alienation of our children and the abuse regarding this

2:15 PM- Carol Golly LCSW, RPT-S Licensed Clinical Social Worker Registered Play Therapy Supervisor who will speak to us on grandchildren's abuse

2:30 PM- Gary Troutman-AGA North Carolina will speaking to us about AGA and also case law here in North Carolina regarding visitation and custody of our grandchildren

2:45 PM-John Schafer, Founder and Executive Director of Grandparents Rights Association of the United States and South Carolina will speak to us about the victory they just received in South Carolina. John led the way there and will be providing much information on how they were successful

3:45 PM- Final questions (you may ask questions to each speaker at the end of there allotted time) and closing

4:00 PM- Meeting adjourns

  Also Join Marilyn Harrison on Freedom Talk Radio, Aug. 13 with special Guest, John Schaefer, a speaker in the Strategy Meeting. Check it Out
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