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Friday, September 13, 2013

CCHR Florida Brings You A Real-Life Story!<< VIP for us ol' folks

Could this be your mom or grandmom?
A 70-something-year-old woman called the hotline!  Her son had involuntarily committed her TWICE in the last month.  
She wasn't even allowed a pen, a piece of paper or her reading glasses so that she could write down the number of an attorney.
She heard about our hotline, believe it or not, from another patient in the psychiatric facility who was also looking for help and knew we existed.
In one week, with many calls coming in, 3 of the calls, came from  individuals who were locked behind bars at the same facility for 72 hours (minimally).
This 70-something-year-old woman had no idea how she could be committed involuntarily.  She had no psychotic episode.  There was no evidence she was a potential risk to herself or others and yet, here she was committed against her will.
CCHR Florida stayed in touch with her throughout the week, and gave her our list of recommended attorneys.  Then on one of our attempts to reach her, we found that she had been released and allowed to go home.  When we spoke with her from the safety of her own home, she told us that she doesn't know why they committed her or why they all-of-a-sudden released her.  They had been planning to transfer her to a state facility, indefinitely. She thanked us for the calls and messages we made and left for her and felt that these had a lot to do with why she was now safely home.
This was one out of half a dozen elderly individuals who contacted us this week and needed our help!
CCHR Florida is working with an allied attorney to finalize a NON-CONSENT form that would enable adult children to PREVENT the involuntary commitment of their parents!
There are ways for each and everyone of us to protect our parents and grandparents against abusive use of involuntary commitment laws.
Get informed: Contact CCHR Florida at 727-442-8820 or info@cchrflorida.org
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