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Monday, September 23, 2013

Join PsychSearch.net's Writing Team!

I firmly belief that our Psyco Industry can stand a lot of improvement.

Below is a suggested letter from Ken of Psych Search that perhaps one could Spread the Word??
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
Keeper of the web files for http://nfpcar.org

 Example of letter:
Dear _______ (This is Ken’s e-mail program.  Quick! Give me your first name so he can write to you properly before I lose my job! Please!)
You are well informed.   You have brilliant ideas that need to seep into society.  No joke!

Just jot them down and get them out there!  Join PsychSearch.net’s Writing Team!

Write letters to editors!  When necessary you could also write to legislators, state licensing agencies and even school board members! 

You will not be overburdened – how fast can you occasionally write 3 or 4 sentences?

Selected works will be published on our new featured page called “The Pen” here: http://www.psychsearch.net/the-pen/

  • Here’s an example of what you could do right now.  Montana child porn psychiatrist James Peak is out of prison and is scheming to get his license back - Check out this story and write a letter to the editor!  http://www.psychsearch.net/?p=9414
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