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Monday, June 8, 2015

Any DADs out there that Farm and/or Garden: Great Gift!!

The way Dad did it

American Farmland Trust
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Hey Families,
Everything I know about farming and farmland began with my Dad.
Growing up on my family’s farm in Washington State meant working in the fields, moving hay, and helping out Dad with whatever else needed to get done that day.  
He provided me with a deep understanding of the importance of farming and working the land. It was, and remains, a way of life that embodies the best of the American spirit and provides a tangible connection to our nation’s – and my family’s – heritage.
Sadly, America’s farmland is under threat. And family farmers are struggling to protect their land and their livelihoods from financial pressures and threats from unchecked development.
Your donation will help add to the more than five million acres of American farmland we’ve already helped protect nationwide. Farmland that will never be sold for development and lost forever.
We’re working to: 
  • defend farmland from unnecessary development
  • promote farming practices that are environmentally sound
  • keep farmers on the land by encouraging preservation of multi-generational farm and ranch ownership
But we need your help.
Help us protect the farming way of life for future generations.
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John Larson
Executive Director of Programs
American Farmland Trust
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