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Monday, June 15, 2015

50% of Our Children are Reunified with their Family. Why just 50%????

The other day my staff of NFAT were reviewing the Reports created from the data provided by the NUMEROUS agencies connected with Family, Children, and Welfare issues. (Check Out other reports>> http://nfpcar.org/Kids_Count/#Overview )

Please Note: This is sort of a TEST,
depending on your answers.
But remember in Life there is usually no One particular Quiz paper; the Correct Answers will vary depending on your Life Experiences. The only "Hint" provided, is how can we make a Positive out of the concerns in this Crazy World?

For your viewing, here is the National Chart created from the data gathered for "Exit Reasons for those in Foster Care".
I suppose to be "Statistically" correct, we should have said 51-52% between 2009 to 2013. Noting, of course, all the the "Rest" of the exit reason are very close also.

BUT, one has to ask, are these close percentages just a Reflection of the Budget to Maintain the Child Protective INDUSTRY???

Let's see says Joe AGENCY manager: "We will match our goal of about 50%; and then ADJUST the remainder to fullfill our AGENCY NEEDS". My job is done here, have a nice day, says Joe.

Keep in mind the original PRIORITY as far as placement, SINCE DAY ONE was, but diluted over the years by amendments to CAPTA;
  • Reunify with parents. Noting "Reasonable Efforts" is the primary tool to use.
  • Seek Relative Placement to care for the children (Guardianship or Adoption may be considered) Noting, by Federal Standard concerns, all a Relative had to be was "Fit" and "Willing"
  • Finally, seek care of a Non-Relative (And yes Adoption may be considered.
So then one has to ask about the Financial Support. YES, it is about the $$$$. Noting, we as Family, need $$$$ to live don't we???

So as an example, here is the 2015 Federal Budget for Title IVe Funding:

That's where my staff asked me: "How does the Funding support the Priority of Placement as specified in CAPTA???
Think about it
Nuff Said, yes?



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    When One Deals with the Child Protective AGENCY
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