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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Senator Nancy Schaefer Memorial Information Project

NEWS from FightCPS-Senator Nancy Schaefer Memorial Information Project--
I assured them that our group would participate in this campaign. They are calling it a murder-suicide. I don't believe it and neither do
a lot of other people.
Marilyn Harrison
Foster Parents Legal Solutions
Words cannot express how distressed I am to hear that our dear Senator Nancy Schaefer has died in what is being called a murder-suicide, along
with her husband.

Nancy was the first state senator to speak out forcefully, truthfully about the corruption of Child Protective Services. For this reason some
have surmised that this murder-suicide could actually be a cover-up for something more sinister… a silencing

Regardless of how she died, she will be remembered for many years to come as a brave, honest, ethical and truth-telling woman who stood up to
the child welfare industry and voiced the pain and trauma of those who had approached her for help with their Georgia CPS cases.

Write heartfelt letters to every county supervisor in your county. Shorter letters are better, as they’re more likely to be read. Ask them
to investigate and *cut funding for CPS* in your county. Send your letters to every supervisor along with a copy of Senator Schaefer’s
report, pages one through seven.

Now send letters to every state senator, congressman, and legislator in your state! Remind them that federal child welfare laws are a violation
of the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution and request State Sovereignty . Send them the
first seven pages of Senator Schaefer’s report!
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