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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't be fooled again! by the Credit Card Companies

The following is from Consumers Union, an agency who is on the Consumers Side>>
The banks thought they fooled us by jacking up credit card interest rates and fees before a new law went into effect cracking down on their abusive tactics. But we can turn the tables if we speak out against these rate hikes right now!
Under the new law, customers have the right to have any interest rate-hike reviewed and reduced if the reasons for it have changed! Thousands of you told us about unexplained rate hikes that had little to do with your payment history. Now we need you to tell the Fed and Congress you want those interest rates reviewed this year — and rolled back if they’re unfair!
We have two weeks to inundate the Federal Reserve Board with your stories about rate hikes or ridiculous penalties so we can get the strongest rate-review rule possible. Tell them we deserve to have unfair rate hikes rolled back!
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