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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Can "True" Child Abuse be Eliminated?

Actually, according to one "Expert" it most certainly can. Here is the title of the proposed plan.

This would most certainly be a wonderful thing for our families?? Right? For all those Abusers would be identified by a team of Professionals, as outlined in this Paper.

Please note, I am merely presenting information to make one aware of the thoughts of others, who want to
"Protect Our Families in the Name of Abuse".

So indeed do become familiar with this document, but also read another blog, comparing two documents, which brings out conflicting issues on Mandate Reporters--Blog: Know the Enemy--What is NCPTC??
Here is the First Phase: (Note: Why is it called a Battle Plan? Actually, to me, "Battle" seems like an abusive term in itself. Plus, I am reminded, so many proposals look good on paper, but then application, that is another story, GPC) So here is the plan>>>>
IV. The battle plan for ending child abuse
A.    Abused children must be reported into the system and those reports must be of high quality
1.      Every university must teach students entering professions where they will be mandated reporters the skills necessary to perform this task
2.      Mandated reporters in the field must receive annual training on the detection of abuse and their obligations to report
B.     Child protection workers and law enforcement officers must conduct a competent investigation of every child abuse case that comes to their attention and, when abuse is substantiated, pursue appropriate civil and criminal actions
1.      Children reported into the system must be interviewed by a social worker, police officer or other professional trained in the art of speaking to children.
a.       Develop state of the art forensic interviewing courses such as APRI/CornerHouse’s Finding Words
b.      Each state must have a forensic interview training course of the quality of Finding Words that is locally run and taught
c.       In addition to quality forensic interviews, there must be in place a system to assist children that do not respond well to an investigative interview
2.      Child protection professionals called on to investigate and repair families damaged by abuse must be competent to perform these tasks
a.       Every university must teach child protection professionals necessary investigative skills
b.      Every university must teach child protection professionals to work meaningfully with families impacted by child abuse
c.       Graduate schools must adequately prepare professionals to work with child victims 3
1)      Law schools
2)      Medical schools
3)      Other graduate schools
d.      Once in the field, civil child protection professionals must have access to ongoing training and technical assistance
3.      Prosecutors must be adequately trained to prosecute child abusers
C.     We must teach police officers, social workers, prosecutors and other child protection professionals to be community leaders in the prevention of child abuse
1.      The training must begin in college and continue so long as these professionals are in the field
2.      In their role as community leaders, these child protection professionals must enlist the support of the faith based community
3. Prevention efforts must be developed and run at the local level and tailored to meet local needs
4. Everyone engaged in the campaign against child abuse must understand their role in history and act accordingly

And it Continues

V. The timeline for ending child abuse within 120 years

A. The first 40 years: 2001-2040

1. Every suspected case of child abuse will be reported and every report will be of a high quality

2. Every child reported into the system will be interviewed by someone who can competently interview a child about abuse and the investigation of all child abuse allegations will likewise be competently done

3. Every substantiated case of egregious abuse must be prosecuted by a child abuse prosecutor skilled at handling these complex cases

4. Every CPS worker will be competent to work with child abuse victims and their families from day one

5. Every child protection social worker, police officer and prosecutor will be a community leader in preventing child abuse

6. Every child protection worker and attorney will have access to ongoing training, technical assistance and publications to constantly refresh and improve their skills


Also, if this plan worked, it could possibly be a stepping stone to create a plan to stop all wars. Actually, we've had some Past Leaders, who had a dream of the "Perfect World". Think about it.
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
Granpa Chuck
Keeper of the web files for http://nfpcar.org
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