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Monday, December 13, 2010

Is Child Welfare a Monopoly??

For many years I have been wondering about this question, "Is Child Welfare a Monopoly?"

In trying to answer this question, I am presenting two articles that may peak your curiosity on the question. In this blog, I have extracted a few points of interest. But I encourage you to read the articles in their entirety. 
Both authors, indeed have titles and work in the Child Welfare Industry.
  • The first article is primarily concerned with Privatization vs Government Control. As you will see below, as an excerpt, states Child Welfare is indeed a monopoly.
  • In the second article, I have excerpts of Possible Recommendations for Reform.
Again keep these two major concerns as to the Responsibility of the Child Welfare Agency:
Excerpts from article
"Private sector monopolies tend to become less innovative, because why pay for updates when you can make plenty of money without changing a thing? Private monopolies are less efficient, because they can be slow, and frustrating, and they don’t lose a dime. When a monopoly is held by the private sector the consumer is held hostage.

For this reason these natural monopolies, like utilities, child welfare, fire protection, law enforcement, etc. are run by a government entity. Now the consumers are protected from exploitation because the government entity is not there to get as much money as possible from you, but solely to provide the service. Obviously, when you have hundreds of thousands of employees, a percentage of them will be gnat-brained rude-nicks, and inefficient jerks. These inefficiencies and flaws in service delivery are addressed by electing the overseers, and by bringing your criticism to the attention of governing boards. Yes, this takes more time than it should, and changes are slower than they should be, but having three times as many pipes being laid across our roads would be worse."

Who is Tex Norman?? According to his Bio: (Link: http://kerplop.com/Writer167160.htm)
Author and artist Tex Norman, is in his late 50s and earning his money as a Child Welfare Specialist II for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.  He has been married 39 years to Kathie Norman, and has a son Ryan working on his PhD at Princeton University doing DNA related research into the spinal cord.  Tex is the author of several books including:  The Wewoka Switch, a novel, Portrait of the Artist as a Wild Hare (poetry), and Tell The Corps You're Sorry (essays on depression). 

Excerpts on Recommendations on Reform
1. Narrow the scope of child abuse and neglect definitions.
2. Place the investigatory powers with the police.
3. Re-criminalize child abuse and neglect
4. Repeal mandatory reporting laws that are in effect in all the states.
5. Make child and family services voluntary.
  • Pay particular note to this sentence found in Recommendation #5 "...Moreover, these services should be privatized, as private agencies with performance-based contracts tend to work more effectively than state bureaucracies.103..."
 Who is Susan Orr, PH.D.?? "..is the director of the Center for Social Policy at RPPI in Washington D.C. Prior to joining RPPI, Dr. Orr worked as a child welfare program specialist for the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Some of her major projects included: overseeing the Third National Incidence Study on Child Abuse and Neglect, a nationally representative sample study of the incidence of maltreatment in the United States, and serving as project officer for the federal child-welfare demonstration effort and its evaluation." (Found on page 39 of this research paper)
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