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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why does TPR Take So Long?

This is one response to the question asked by many adoptive parents. "Why does TPR take so long?"

As you read this brief and concise response, please ask yourself:
  • ~Where all the FACTS presented in the Family Court?
    Please note, compared to the Criminal Courts, there is a movement to practice "Due Process of Law". Instead of the current basics in our Family Courts. (See other Legal Terms)
  • ~Was there a priority of Family Preservation or Relative Placement vs Foster Care/Adoption. Yes, one must admit this was not the perfect family. But one can not deny there were other members in the family that were capably of safely caring for the children. Even more important, how long does it take one to realize they need to put their children first? Many times it takes years.. And yes many parents have changed for the betterment of their children. (Related Reading: Family Preservation vs Foster Care)
  •  ~Like this Grand Mother "We must be advocates for ourselves and our family. Not an easy task with our current legal system. But one must Never Give Up!!!
All of us need to keep an open mind and truly understand ALL sides.
    ~~Response to Question~~
    TPR take long?

    My grandsons' case went on for 4 years; another grandparent's grandson's case went on for 5 years (her stepdaughter's rights were terminated in Feb, and her son was adopted by foster SINGLE parent, who is older than grandparents, last month, on Oct 15)

    The boy's case took long was because mom did not tell cps the name of the daddy right away, they went after one guy; then they went after the second guy who was incarcerated. CPS had reunification for the daddy in jail but not for mom!! why? cos people in jail have more rights? or people in jail are accessible to better attorneys?? who knows that answer??

    Why my grandsons' case went so long: parents were doing what they were supposed to be dong, then had another baby, so time was extended to compensate for that 'baby,'who turned 3 this year; but my son did an "identifiable surrender," anyway, on June 16, 2008; however, cps STILL violated the court order and they had an illegal adoption (long story) just last year, Oct 09. (he was supposed to be adopted in Sept 08), and I got that lil court order to prove it, so I'm taking the attorneys to the ethics committee...all of them,  every one of them, and i cant wait; in nj, we cannot file complaints against attorneys until cps case is closed, and some of these cases do not close until the child is emancipated or adopted.
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