Goliath comes in many forms~
It is time to stop the devastation to innocent families which is occurring daily across the country.
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Basics of Defending Your Self for Your Precious Families

We have a lot of discussion on many topics. However, for those, who want to learn more how to defend themselves and their precious family, the online discussions are merely a "Starting Point". Also, will be adding more links to this discussion.

My experience with the agency, aka Goliath, was over a decade ago. Basically, what was an accidental bump on a very active 3 year old, turned into 13 charges of alleged allegations and/or policy violations. Yes, I was a Foster Care Giver, at that time.

However, the technics to defend yourself, whether you are a Foster Care Giver, Natural Parent, and/or anyone, who cares for our precious children are basically the same. The only slight variance may be the "Level of Proof" needed to defend your self. I do encourage everyone to review this term "Preponderance of Evidence">> Link>> http://nfpcar.org/Legal/legalprint.htm#Preponderance_of_evidence  This is one of the many terms found on our online legal terminology page  http://nfpcar.org/Legal/legalprint.htm

So basically, whether you have a lawyer or not. (Do recommend, at least seek initial consultation with a lawyer)
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So here are the basic information needed to defend yourself:
  1. Know the statutes for your state particular to your concern(s)
  2. Have Proof to support your defense
  3. Support your case with past higher court decisions.. ie Appellate Courts, for example.
This is indeed, not an easy task. In my case, it took me over three months to organize this information. Yes, I did have a lawyer, at this time. However, he did use most of the information I organized to defend us.

Keep in mind, I am not a lawyer, but just an ol' guy, who has shared many family experiences. I would have said ALL family experiences, However, in Aug 2010 my daughter and I said to each other "At least we have a roof over our head" Two days later, on Sept. 1, 2010, our home and two others were completely destroyed by fire. We call it our Mini 911 (Notice above date)

I am very thankful that I did have insurance. However, as I speak, I am still fighting another Goliath, the Insurance Company. So from this experience and my search for knowing ALL Sides, here is a basic statement to consider:

Goliath comes in many forms

It is time to stop the devastation to innocent families which is occurring daily across the country.

My Family Rights Affiliation

May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,

Granpa Chuck
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