Goliath comes in many forms~
It is time to stop the devastation to innocent families which is occurring daily across the country.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ellington lawyer wins battle for DCF ‘mini-Miranda’ law

Thought I would share a post on our Yahoo Discussion Group on 08/21/11. It is an attempt to explain some of the basic philosophies of those in our group. In addition this article is very important for the protection of Our Precious Families.
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Although I do not have a membership to the paper that originally posted this article, here is a very significant step that was created in Conn.:
"Starting in October, social workers investigating possible child abuse or neglect for the state Department of Children and Families will have to give parents a written notice of their rights, roughly comparable to the famous Miranda warnings that police give to crime suspects."LK: http://legallykidnapped.blogspot.com/2011/08/ellington-lawyer-wins-battle-for-dcf.html#ixzz1VwxgDzUN

Additional Info Link:

 Agranoff, who specializes in representing adults in DCF-related cases, calls the new law the “DCF mini-Miranda” and “the Magna Carta of parents’ rights in Connecticut.”... 

Since 2001, as a group, through sharing, caring, and guidance, we have been sharing our concerns with many on this group. Although this group was started by those Foster Care Givers, who have been falsely accused, we have come to realize that so many times the only "Bad Child" was those in the agency. Basically, they were not following the statutes and policies they were bound to.

With the above thought in mind, we also have members, who are Natural Parents, Adoptive Parents, and/or a mixture of those, who care for our precious children. I say "Our" since the children are our future and their family, through sharing, caring, and guidance are the most valuable resource we have in the Nation, if not the World. As shared with many, if our Families are not recognized as the #1 Resource, there will be No Reform.

However, this article for the state of Conn. is very significant.. And in the theme of False Allegations, one can refer to this as the First Phase of the Allegation Process.. ie "If there is no evidence of "Immanent Danger" , don't let them remove your children. Perhaps the major web page on our nfpcar. org site is this one>> http://nfpcar.org/Miranda . Much of the information was researched, written an organized by a very active member of our group. As was much of the other information at this web site.

One of my primary tasks was to be the keeper of the web files for nfpcar.org. I took this responsibility and over the years tried to maintain the "Original" thoughts of the group and the original organization of the creator of this web site, Linda.

Although our group is a mere speck on this big earth, we have created many ideas that work for our families. Yes the agency is a major force to contend with, when so many are prevented from defending themselves. Over the years, we have called the agency, "Goliath". And appropriate word since, those and their families are but one, and the agency is many.

One of the major hopes in developing this group was that we could have advocates, in all the states. This indeed has been a challenge and has lead to frustration many times.. However, I think this quote on our nfpcar.org home page says it all>> "Sometimes it just takes one small voice to make a world of difference...I challenge you to be one of those voices"
Of course, it may feel very lonely to be just one. However, when we share our thoughts on this discussion group, we find that we are not alone.. ie many of the concerns are National, if not Worldwide. And for those, who feel lonely, here is a quote, I also put on our home page from Our National Director for NFPCAR and founder of FPLS, Marilyn.. Also known as "momma bear".
If even One Family does not have to suffer, it will be worth My Lifetime’s efforts”
My self, I have shared many thoughts with many varying groups. And here is a statement from a very active advocate in the State of WA. She put this together after I shared the basic thoughts of our Group:
A Statement for Your Consideration

“We are joining forces with all persons affected by Parens Patriae to include parents, extended family, foster parents and father's and mother's rights groups. While this is a difficult endeavor due to various divisions, the focus will be on challenging the system with the unified goals and commonalities that each is suffering under in family courts and through CPS.”
(See Definition: Parens Patriae)
Of course, being an ol' guy, who continuously seeks to know and learn more, I have used this thought and created even a simpler statement to consider: (Part of my story with Goliath)

Goliath comes in many forms~
It is time to stop the devastation to innocent families which is occurring daily across the country.
My Family Rights Affiliation

So group, again, I give you the challenge. I know we have given many a starting point on your road to "Become and advocate for yourself and Defend Your Family" The outcomes may have been positive or negative... But hopefully, you have gained some knowledge to hopefully assist another in their time of need.

Do feel free to pass the thought of this particular post on to others... However, keep in mind, any post of a personal nature that is passed on is strictly prohibited... If this she happen, we have the knowledge and Legal Representation, to press charges based on information of Attorney/Client privileges.
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck
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