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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Pubs. for July 2011

As part of the Awareness of Many Publications from:

Will Be Sharing Links to Publications. Below is a list of State Resources. One may want to Subscribe to receive Monthly Updates.
Title: International Adoption Handbook.
Published: 2011
Available from: Wisconsin Department of Children and Families
PDF: http://dcf.wi.gov/publications/pdf/0008.pdf
Abstract: This handbook gives basic information for Wisconsin families considering adopting a child from another country. (Author abstract)

Title: Reimbursable Expenses When Adopting Children With Special Care Needs.
Published: 2010
Available from: Wisconsin Department of Children and Families
PDF: http://dcf.wi.gov/publications/pdf/dcf_p_pfs0747.pdf
Abstract: Intended for Wisconsin parents who are adopting children with special care needs or who are at risk of developing special care needs, this booklet provides ...

Title: Florida Strategic Plan on Human Trafficking.
Published: 2010
Available from: Florida Department of Children and Families
PDF: http://www.dcf.state.fl.us/initiatives/humantrafficking/docs/FSUStrategicPlan20

Abstract: This statewide strategic plan on human trafficking assesses modern-day slavery in Florida and makes recommendations for Florida State, county, and city governments, for strengthening social ...

Title: Adoption Assistance Amendment Information.
Published: 2010
Available from: Wisconsin Department of Children and Families
PDF: http://dcf.wi.gov/publications/pdf/dcf_p_pfs4063.pdf
Abstract: Since January 1999, legislation provided for possible increases in adoption assistance agreements for families who have a signed adoption assistance agreement in effect. Approval for ...

Title: Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Toolkit.
Published: 2010
Available from: New York State Department of Health
URL: http://www.health.state.ny.us/prevention/injury_prevention/shaken_baby_syndrome

Abstract: Designed for professionals in New York State, this toolkit provides information about Shaken Baby Syndrome that can be used to educate communities on the dangers ...

To view all 32 publications and their detail click here: http://www.childwelfare.gov/cwlibrarian/index_act.cfm?topicId=11&pubMonth=07&pubYear=2011

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