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Monday, July 22, 2013

Join Marilyn-Freedom Talk Radio- Standing up against CPS: Victim to Advocate

Marilyn Freedom Talk Radio Bob
Marilyn (mamabear) Foster Parents Legal Solutions & Bob, Freedom Talk Radio
Every Tues. starting at 12 noon AZ time.  The Call In number is 347-677-0812 for US&Canada & for the rest of the world 001 347-677-0812 / (Host) 377-677-0812
  Call in and Share Your Experiences for the July 23rd Show
Standing up against CPS:
Victim to Advocate
Please join us
Help us keep the show going, we need all the call in lines lit up........CPS is an important topic and we are dealing with many countries listening to America's ideas in dealing with CPS......it is now a global problem.  Let's show them we care. 
Call in number 347-677-0812Freedom Talk Radio 2013, 12 noon Az. time. check on nfpcar.org for your time zone, see when we are on in your area
Watch this 4 min video: What is Advocacy?
Check Out Contacts, Fav Web sites, etc. from Marilyn and Bob
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