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Monday, July 29, 2013

Join Us-Freedom Talk Radio "Standing to be Heard: A Lawyer Speaks Up" Jul.30th - 3PM EST

Coming this Tuesday July 30th, 3PM EST, on “Freedom Talk Radio” we are hopefully having Shawn McMillan, a CA Lawyer, as a guest. The first part of the show will be a Discussion with Shawn of a few questions. (FYI: Proposed Questions shown below.
Here is the NFPCAR webpage link to the Freedom Talk Radio Show>> http://nfpcar.org/FPLS/Freedom_Talk/index.htm
Please share this link and/or forward this portion to others that you feel might be interested:
Standing to be Heard:
A Lawyer Speaks Up
July 30th-http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedom-talk-radio-2013/2013/07/30/freedom-talk-radio-marilyn-foster-parents-legal-solutions
Our Guest-Shawn McMillan:
He specializes in cases against CPS, most recently winning the Dianna Fogerty’s case, with a 4.9 million dollar jury verdict. Shawn McMillin is the winner of the “Top Gun” award in San Diego, Calif. Let us say that being one of thousands of attorneys in California this is quite an honor.
We are honored to have Shawn McMillan on the show today.
·          Also, just a little on a recent group he has formed: "This group has been created to provide parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, extended family, and attorneys information regarding how families can pursue their rights against Child Protective Service agencies across the U.S. We will continue to post relevant information, including cases, articles, and templates as a free resource to enable readers to access information and working documents that can be easily adapted to meet particular circumstances."
Please Note: As proper legal ethics, Shawn will not be answering any questions specific to your case.
However, he will be sharing many Legal Thoughts that should be helpul to Everyone.
The hosts have a few questions to ask our guest in the first part of the show; and
then after this, we will open the show to callers.
(Learn More by Shawn from JDSupra Law News)
Related Information: Shawn on the Ann Walker Show, 07/24/13 -A full two hour show on Child "Protective" Services here in Los Angeles. There is so much neglect and abuse of children in the world I think we need to shine the light on WHY this is an ongoing and desparate situation. We've got the director of National Safe Child Coalition, Tammi Stefano and attorney Shawn McMillan who are on the front lines of this very big problem everyday
Hopefully, on the radio show, we can have callers from many countries, since, as stated" "..
Now not just a U. S. problem but one that is
hitting many countries across the globe.
Please join us

May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
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