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Monday, July 8, 2013

UPDATE: Marilyn (mamabear) on Freedom Talk Radio-Tuesday

Although I haven't gotten the link to the next show with Marilyn, thought I'd share a little info. Will be posting as soon as I get new information.

Have set up the NFPCAR website so all one has to remember is nfpcar.org

When you go to this home page, you will see on the top of the page:
FPLS Join Marilyn (mamabear) every Tues. 12:00PM, AZ time,
on Freedom Talk Radio
Check it Out
Freedom Talk Logo
An Organization Originated by Foster Parents Falsely Accused, but has Evolved to Include ALL PARENTS
 Falsely Accused by the Agencies, who were designated to Protect The Children
Click on Check it Out and there you are!! Even put in the LEFT Column of this page the different times, depending on your Time Zone, since AZ in on Standard Time and many other Zones in the US are on Daylight Savings.

I encourage everyone to call in. I'll be calling in, but I do like to hear from others... Most of the time I merely suggest thoughts to others, and the best way for me to see if someone has learned anything is to Listen to what they have to say.

So FYI here are a few thoughts you may want to share on Freedom Talk Radio:
  • Your experiences with the Agency.. ie the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
  • What you did to prepare for your defense
  • Did any advice on this group help?
  • Did you talk directly to Marilyn on the toll free number found on the FPLS site (Contact Page: http://www.foster-parents-legal-solutions.com/contact.html  )
  • As a Foster Care Giver what was your Relationship with the Agency.
  • As a natural parent what was your feelings about Foster Care Givers caring for your children.
  • Have you assisted other, in their time of need, eventhough your personal experiences may have been bad.
These are just a few thoughts.. But a two hour program requires a lot of thinking, etc. to keep it moving. Heck, Marilyn is quite a talker, but the opinions from others (feedback) is so very important.

So lets all join in.. And if you missed last tuesday, here is the recap:
In Case You Missed It
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck
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