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Friday, October 14, 2016

NO Michelle Obama, I do not Support Continuing Your Husband's LEGACY

Here is a rant that I must pass on.
This was in response to Michelle Obama's Speech that the American Sheeple must not destroy her husband's work by voting for Potty Mouthed Trump.
>>I say Thank you (y) since Michelle is a fake whiner
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Granpa Chuck
Just an ol' guy that has shared
MANY Family Experiences
"On my own behalf, The extreme views and anti family oriented propaganda being imposed.
 Through our current government agencies such as DCFS. 
  • That target good parents and leave truly abused children to die. 
Tragically due to misappropriated federal incentives. That administration refuse to acknowledge. Despite the billions in state and federal lawsuits. 
The Gay pride parades in our communities and streets. Where men and women are allowed to parade publicly flaunting nudity, SM and beastiality . Didn't sit well with me. Don't get me wrong, Whatever floats your boat in the bedroom, but not in our streets. (head in my hands) The shared bathroom laws in our preschools. Have all given our children completely wrong impression of their own maturation process and sexual self awareness. It's given me the impression of Complete annihilation of real intimacy and love. Example, My grandparents still have sex. But I don't want to see them.
The Withholding of federal funding to schools that don't comply with federal bathroom laws. None of these extremes do I hold in high regard. 
You preach for women to assert their rights. Yet the Whitehouse is more behind then most other countries, when it comes to women's rights. 
  • Barack Obama personally knows 3 women a day die from domestic violence.  
  • And when it comes to equal pay we have none. 
So no I won't be taking your advice. Your nutrition plan in our public schools is beyond unappealing. It's not nutritional. 
Your Whitehouse policies to destroy our children's hearts and minds with daily terroristic attacks from your CIA mind control via mainstream media . The vaccines laws and common core school propaganda.
None of it aligns or resonates with me. I can not speak for the American people. But I personally feel, and think
Your administration is the most out touch in the history of American politics.
I personally do
Not relate to you or your politics.
The National Family Advocacy Team supports most of these thoughts.
 Michelle Obama's Whiney Plea to the Sheeple>>>

Michelle Obama: Don’t You DARE Vote For Trump And Undo Me And My Husband’s Work!

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>>>> Thoughts from a white female. A victim of sexual abuse. A Republican. A Christian.

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May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,GranPa Chuck

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