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Thursday, October 6, 2016

YIPES: October "ADHD Awarenes Month"

Fight For Kids:

Psycho-Pharma Funded "ADHD Awareness Month"

The psychiatric-pharmaceutical industry has deemed October as "ADHD Awareness Month," 
  • a yearly occasion to disseminate misleading and unscientific information to parents and to the public. This marketing campaign does not serve the public interests, it fuels pharmaceutical interests. Simply put, this is a campaign to get more kids labeled and drugged.
What you will not see in any ADHD "awareness" promotional materials is the fact that 188,899 children between the ages of 0-5 are currently being prescribed ADHD drugs in the U.S. alone
Nor will you see the more than 60 international drug regulatory agency warnings citing side effects of heart problems, depression, psychosis and suicidal thoughts from the drugs being prescribed to these children.

There is a great deal of pharma funding driving "ADHD Awareness Month" because drugging kids is big business; ADHD drugs are an 11.2 billion dollar industry, and their primary customers are our children.

Parents need facts about the psychiatric "disorders" and the drugs being pushed on their children. They don't need more marketing campaigns.

There is no other organization that has done more to educate, inform and empower parents on this issue than CCHR. This includes the successful passage of state and federal laws prohibiting schools from forcing parents to drug their children as a condition of attending school; obtaining and disclosing the documented number of children being drugged in the U.S. (prompting national media to report these numbers as well); and creating an online database containing every single drug regulatory warning and study on the documented risks of the drugs being prescribed to children.

CCHR also created its online Parents Know Your Rights campaign (website and videos) which has educated millions around the world.

Your support enables CCHR to continue our vital campaigns. Please continue your support, become a member and/or donate today

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