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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fostering Is? Did You Know Series

A.  Part 1 of 2

  • A foster parents view; “Life is not about the number of breaths you take, but the number of moments that leave you breathless! 
  • The child’s view; “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going get”
What were you thinking when you read the first quote?........

B.  Part 2 of 2

We are giving you one positive view into fostering, the children caught in the Foster Care System are the positive. However, children are different today than they were years ago. We had just made a statement in part 1 of this series that you need to think about. Surviving a hurricane is not impossible although knowing it is coming and being prepared for it is always better.

May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
Granpa Chuck
Keeper of the web files for http://nfpcar.org

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National Foster Parent Coalition for Allegation Reform (NFPCAR) was  originated by Foster Parents Falsely Accused, in 2001. Throughout the years, and close to 80,000 posts on our Yahoo Discussion Group,  the organization has evolved to include ALL PARENTS  Falsely Accused by the Agencies, who were designated to Protect The Children.  We are the victims of the Governmental system (Parens patriae), who are supposed to be the protectors of abuse. It is time to stop the devastation to innocent families which is occurring daily across the country.  (Founded 2001)
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Foster Parents Legal Solutions (FPLS) was founded 1998. Our mandate was forged from direct personal involvement. We witnessed, first hand, the foster parent dilemma. We have personally experienced the bureaucratic quagmire with its personnel maze leading down the path to a legal and social abyss. We were made painfully aware of the need for a safety net against this out of control run away “child protection system”.
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