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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ides Project -- What the Heck is That??

Just thought I would post this since there are many discussions on "getting the word out". Of course, do check your local ordinances for passing out information.

Awareness is indeed key. But I don't need to tell this to anyone or any group who have been touched by Goliath. Unfortunately the Majority of the Population doesn't realize how dramatic it is when a child is removed from their home. Until it happens. Perhaps one could say to the majority "If your child is removed for having "Brown Eyes", perhaps then you will realize what is happening to us?"
Here is the information on the Ides Project:
The Ides Project
This event repeats every month on the 15th
Location: In front of your juvenile court or child welfare office.

Protest on the 15th of each month!


Let the public know your complaints about the child welfare system. Pass out brochures. Notify law enforcement beforehand and comply with all local ordinances. Invite the press and your local TV station to cover your event.

The Ides Project is set up for peaceful community protests on the fifteenth day of each month. Its a symbolic, non-violent reminder to the systemites of the killing of Caesar in the Ancient Roman Empire on the Ides of March.

And related to this, just thought I would again share my blog on "Does History Repeat Itself??"
Link: http://familyreform.blogspot.com/2011/01/does-history-repeat-itself.html
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