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Friday, January 14, 2011

Extreme Recruitment Program for Foster Children- What is This?

I found this article Introducing the Program called "Extreme Recruitment (R)"
Here is what they said in this particular article:

"We work exclusively with the hardest-to-place children: ages 10-18, sibling groups, African-American children, and youth with emotional, developmental, or behavioral concerns.  Extreme Recruitment is successful for ANY child in foster care because it:
  1. requires weekly, intensive meetings between the child’s professional team for 12-20 weeks
  2. demands concentrated support from child welfare supervisors
  3. focuses on preparing the youth for adoption, including their mental health and educational needs
The added ingredient that makes Extreme Recruitment so effective is our private investigator. Originally, we tried to do the investigation work ourselves, but our contact rate with relatives was a dismal 23%. Within two weeks of hiring an investigator, the contact rate skyrocketed to 80%."

Original Link: > http://www.foster-adopt.org/ForProfessionals/ExtremeRecruitment.aspx
Also do indeed do a "Google search" on "extreme recruitment foster" and you will find other opinions on this program.
But then I had to say to myself, this is actually one  of the basic tasks the agencies were supposed to do..ie find a supporting relative. It has been over a decade since my late wife and myself Fostered.  Since this time I have been sharing our experiences and Listening to many sharing their experiences. I am still looking for the solution as to what is it going to take to Guide our children, so they can become Responsible Adults? Perhaps the most valuable resource we have in our Nation, if not the World.

I always like to refer back to "In the Beginning" There were two main goals for  the creation of the agency: 1)Identify and protect those children who were "Truly" abused; 2) If possible, Guide those who may have taken a wrong turn and assist them to Strengthen themselves to become a strong family to protect their children. With the biggest question is:
"How long is long enough for a parent to  put their children first?"

Indeed there is and unfortunately there will be "True Abuse"..And these current  economic times, certainly aren't helping. And contrary to many, there will be a need for Qualified Foster Caregivers and Adoptive Parents.

It is indeed a two way sword... And I must say, there are too many times when  the "Bad Child" is the agency itself.

For further reading, here is a high level exec, who feels we can end abuse over the next 100+ years. Please do read this carefully. When I did, it sent chills down my back. Here is the link to my blog, relating to this:
and also this one, which is a conflict of the use of Mandated Reporters:

I urge all of you to know, and try to understand, ALL sides. Although, in my  opinion, the answers are within the Families and all those, who care for our children, And not the agencies, who deem themselves as "Experts"
(Note: In this particular post, I used the phrase "ALL sides" I've used that phrase before, but a few have asked, "Who's side are you on??" My reply: "There are no sides when it comes to guiding a child, with the hope, that they will become a responsible adult." Perhaps, I could have used a different term?)

May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
Granpa Chuck
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