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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FYI: The New Health Care Law: Things You Need to Know-Webinar Aug 25.

Please pass this on to others. As I have stated many times, the proper need for Health Care Reform, never should have been a Political Issue, Just the right thing to do.

How soon so many have forgot when asked "What would you do??" And one must remember, with so many issues, most of the time, when something is suggested, there are those who are going to say it is wrong... OR simply put, "Why is it so easy to say what is Wrong, than do what is Right??? A human nature basic... But to do what is Right, one must think and learn as much as they can about an issue.... Just a few thoughts, so please pass this on to others, as I am doing.

May you find strength in your Higher Power, GranPa Chuck
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The New Health Care Law: Things You Need to Know

There is still time to sign up for this special webinar!
Wednesday, August 25, 7-8 PM Eastern Time

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Wondering how the new health care law will affect you?

Join us on August 25 for a free webinar about the changes and improvements in the law. You'll learn what it means for:

  • People with health insurance
  • People who are uninsured or buy their own coverage
  • Small business owners
  • People with Medicare
  • People planning for their long-term care
Don't miss this opportunity to learn what the law means for you and ask questions of AARP experts. Reserve your spot today!
Questions? E-mail newhealthcarelaw@aarp.org.
Go7-8 PM Eastern Time
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New to webinars? All you need is a computer with Internet access and audio capability.
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