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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Demand the Gov't to Keep Their Hands OFF Social Security

To all of us Common People.
So many have forgotten the True Intent of Social Security. In the ''Beginning", it was supposed to be a Supplement to Our Personal Retirement Fund. Hey, I worked for the Federal Government for Most of my life, and don't even collect Social Security.

But like, Un-Employment Insurance, we, as citizens, added some each pay period, with the hopes, we would have it there when we retired. It is Not a Hand Out, but it was one of our savings for a Rainy Day. Heard an interesting statement: "I purchased Home Insurance so I could Burn My House Down!!!"

But, then through the years, Our Government, just couldn't stand to see all this money, just sitting there.... And before, we as private citizens realized it, this egg nest for us, was used for so many for so long.

Now, all of a sudden, with egg on face, so many are making excuses, to cover up years of pilfering the account... Raising the Age to retirement, cutting benefits, etc. So I too urge everyone to sign this and/or contact Jane to get hard copies of signatures.

Don't be fulled by the many stories.. We, as individual consumers, are the real leaders. Goodness me, if we can't afford to buy something and/or the price of purchase stays the same, how on earth can business continue???
May you find strength in your Higher Power, GranPa Chuck
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Read Jane's Comments~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Please sign this petition and forward to everyone you know. I know many online petitions are getting sent around, but this one needs some action, will get notarized and brought into Federal court with enough signatures. If anyone can volunteer and get hardcopy signatures, let me know. (email: jane@abusefreedom.com

This is a "serious" online petition for your review. Below is the body of the hardcopy petition. Please sign this petition and send to everyone you know for signature and request that they pass it on. If you or anyone else wants to do hardcopy petitions, please let me know. I recommend going to retirement communities and finding volunteers. This petition will run through December 31st and will go to Federal Court.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sign Petition and/or become an active volunteer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sign Petition: http://www.lobbying forum.com/ petition-detail.aspx?id=247

This is a petition, redress of grievance, and cease and desist order regarding the unauthorized use of Social Security money resulting in deficits.  
We the People demand that the Federal Reserve and Federal government cease and desist using Social Security to pay for DHHS projects and state employee unemployment. We believe that the money being used by the Children's Administration unfairly targets low income populations and creates two sets of victims, poor families and elderly violating all manner of civil and human rights. The Social Security was never meant to be used for pet projects and social reforms but to offset retirement and provide medical coverage.
We believe that both legislative bodies and the Federal Reserve have irresponsibly and fraudulently promoted this forced tax/insurance for those purposes then without public input raped the funds for projects that are severely impacting families without due process. We demand full payment from the Federal Reserve of all monies put into the fund with interest or stop stealing the funding and replace what was spent.
We demand that the retirement age remain the same and that propaganda suggesting that Social Security falls in the category of "entitlement" in an attempt to cover up these thefts using shame cease immediately. We the People have paid into Social Security all of our lives and you will not shame us for something you owe. To suggest we do not have a right to it is absurd - you do not have a right to steal it fraudulently or otherwise.

The United States government has stolen our Social Security money and used it to fund psychological association ideas, pharmaceutical company distribution of drugs including supplying psychotropics to children not authorized for children, stakeholder interests, medical profession enhancement and increase of clients, civil rights violations of targeting poor families for government interference and harassment, and developing courts that have no due process of law violating our Constitutional rights.

We demand a cease and desist or face unprecedented legal action.
Sign Petition>> http://www.lobbyingforum.com/petition-detail.aspx?id=247
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